The Ministry of culture asked to return to Lenfilm, and Gorky Studio the rights for the films

Return minocycli

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky has asked the President to agree on a plan for the support of two famous film studios “Lenfilm” and Studio to them. Gorky. Their proposals Medina presented the letter to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the document was reviewed .

Medina asks Medvedev to give to Lenfilm and Gorky film Studio exclusive economic and moral rights to all audiovisual works created on these sites until 2002. In a document dated 5 October this year, is a resolution by Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov to “Study” for October 11.

The press service of the Ministry of culture, the authenticity of the letter and outlined proposals confirmed. “Yes, this letter was sent,” said the Agency. Following consideration of the proposals Medina Shuvalov, the Ministry of culture added, has given the Commission to “study” the question of the return of rights to minocycli economic development. The period of execution of instructions Shuvalov — until 27 October, say in the Ministry of culture.

The General Director of “Lenfilm” Eduard Pichugin said that in early November of this year will be the Council for culture and arts under the President, the results of which “we can expect some decisions.” “The ice was broken,” added Pichugin.

The period of lawlessness

In his letter, Medina recalled that in 2001, when the reorganization of the state film studios of the country all the exclusive rights on the created their audiovisual works have been transferred to the film archives goods, then the Federal state unitary enterprise “United state movie collection”, now rights owned by the Gosfilmofond of Russia.

Only the cinema concern “Mosfilm” has managed to avoid restructuring and to retain specified rights, said the Minister. Largely due to this “Mosfilm” today is “the most profitable company among film studios with state participation,” the letter reads.

The question of the return the studios for rights to the films were discussed with culture during a visit by President Vladimir Putin of “Lenfilm” on June 20 this year, said Medina.

The return of rights to minocycli should take place by making these rights as the contribution of the state in the authorized capital of the studios. If the proposal will be approved by the Medina, the transfer of rights to works of the movie studios will issue a presidential decree, said the Ministry of culture.

Heat is now engaged in the Studio?

“Lenfilm” film Studio named after M. Gorky — the oldest konopelski in Russia with more than 100 years of history. The portfolio of “Lenfilm”, for example, nearly all “Golden collection” the Soviet cinema: “Chapaev”, “the lady with the dog”, “Striped flight”, “hamlet”, “the Chief of Chukotka” “Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson” and many other movies. At the Studio im.M.Gorky was filmed “the Quiet don”, “Mother” and “Seventeen moments of spring”.

But in 1990-2000-ies in the cinemas remained the only feature film — streaming release commercially successful projects at the sites to establish failed. But this strategy is a significant increase in revenues or market share, platforms not brought. According to own data of “Lenfilm”, the company’s share on Russian market of Kinolog over the last four years — from 2012 to 2015 was less than 1%.

The revenues of the film Studio. Gorky in 2015 amounted to 298,9 million rubles (profit of 21.5 million rubles), “Lenfilm” revenues were $ 199,2 million rubles, while the net loss of 115,9 million rubles and payable at 77.3 mln Loss last year, “thumbnail” their report explains the need of “substantial repairs” and hope that the re-equipment of the production base will increase the demand for the Studio (in 2015, the revenue share of “Lenfilm” from film production was 57%).

This year at film Studio. Gorky in production are 17 draft: 5 feature films (in two — Studio co-producer), 7 short films and 2 feature-length animated film (two Studio acts as co-producer), and 3 documentaries, provide the data to the Ministry of culture. On the “Lenfilm”, as the officials, this year, it stood at 29 projects, of which 6 — own production of Studio 23 and third parties. By 2019, “thumbnail” intends to place on its site crew for 15 feature films and 4 TV shows, the revenues of the Studio after 4 years is expected to reach 1.2 billion rubles.

Of the approximately 1700 paintings that are produced in the Studio is about 120-130 are in constant turnover in Federal and regional TV channels, said a source at “Lenfilm”. “Now the demand for “old” pictures has increased — with their help channels close free airtime that appeared after a significant outflow of advertisers. In addition, the channels reduced the volume of production of own projects”, — says the source . According to him, only “thumbnail” annual contributions for the paintings can range from 200 million rubles a year.

Pichugin from “Lenfilm” refused to comment on the possible amount of deductions after the transfer of rights to a collection of films. The CEO of the film Studio. Gorky Sergei Zernov refused to comment on the initiative of the Ministry of culture.

Now the “Lenfilm” film Studio upgrades with a loan of 1.5 billion rubles provided under the state guarantee. In 2016, the Ministry of culture has allocated the site of 55 million rubles for the production of 2 feature films.

Studio them. Gorky creates its multidisciplinary cinematographic center, told the culture. The project also includes modernization of material and technical bases, capital construction and reconstruction of the existing production assets of the Studio. The culture Ministry this year allocated Studio 65 million rubles. the shooting of the two paintings.

The economic effect

Return kinkaleri will allow studios to obtain a regular income from the commercial use of the film collection, I hope in the culture. Regular income, the officials argue, will provide “a more stable financial and economic condition of film studios”, strengthen their material-technical base and enable it to develop the process of filmmaking at the expense of own sources of financing without attracting funds of the Federal budget.

To live without the rights to movies the studios are very hard, said the Director General of “Glavkino” Ilya Bachurin. “Companies are production sites and must show profitability, but to exist only by these means difficult, is time consuming, but not denezhnoemkaya business,” he explained . The question of obtaining rights to minocycli for plaschadka critical, because with their own “library” (a collection of films owned by the Studio and providing income from the sale of rights) were developed majorska American Studio, like an expert.