Fire at the sleeping: how ISIS attacked a police Academy in Pakistan

In the night of Tuesday, October 25, in the city of Quetta in southern Pakistan was attacked the hostel the police Academy, which at the time were from 200 to 250 students, most of whom were sleeping. During the attack, which lasted five hours, killed at least 59 people and more than 100 were injured. Most of the dead were cadets of the police Academy. The responsibility was claimed by “Islamic state” (banned in Russia organization).

“The militants stormed right into our barracks and started shooting at point-blank range. We started screaming and running around the barracks,” — told Reuters one of the survivors of the cadets. Others said that jumping out of Windows, and hid from the attackers under the beds.

According to the head of the interior Ministry of the province of Balochistan Sarfaraz Bugti, militants broke into the room where the students slept through the gym. “Two attackers blew themselves up and a third was shot by a security guard shot in the head,” said Bugti. It was initially reported that the attackers were five or six.

Present at the scene, Reuters photographer said that he had seen law enforcement officers carried the body of a teenager, calling it one of the attackers, shot dead by the security forces.

Initially, Pakistani authorities reported that the responsibility for the attack claimed by the group “Lashkar-e-Jangvi” recognized to be prohibited in Pakistan and took part in the latest attacks on the security of the country.

Intercept phone calls the assailants showed that their actions were coordinated from Afghanistan, told reporters one of the leading military commanders of Pakistan Sher Afgan and suggested that the invaders and their leaders belong to “Lashkar-e-Jhangvi”.

Later, however, Reuters, citing close to terrorists, the Agency Amag reported that responsibility for attack took on itself the “Islamic state” (ISIS). According to the LIH, the three blockbuster “used machine guns and grenades and then blew themselves up in the crowd.”

In Quetta left Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif and the army chief General Raheel Sharif. Condolences to President of Pakistan expressed the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He expressed confidence that the masterminds and perpetrators of the attack on the police Academy will suffer “punishment,” and noted that the Russian side is ready to further promote antiterroristicheskogo cooperation with Islamabad, the press service of the Kremlin.