Lavrov said about failed attempts to “tear to shreds” the Russian economy

Attempts by foreign authorities to “resort to punishment” in relations with Russia, “to no avail and will not give,” assured the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

“To tear to shreds the Russian economy will not succeed. Those who are familiar with her condition, don’t need to convince Russia to stand confidently on his feet,” said the Minister, speaking at a briefing with members of the Association of European businesses (quoted by TASS).

That the policy of sanctions has caused Russia serious damage and the country’s economy “in tatters” declared in January 2015 in his address to the nation President Barack Obama.

Later, the representatives of the Russian authorities repeatedly said that the West imposed anti-Russian sanctions although worsen the situation in the economy, but open for domestic business and new opportunities. In particular, in April 2015 Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said that the sanctions did not cause the collapse, they expected their authors, and adopted by the Russian retaliatory measures have helped to improve the economy of the country.

In April 2016, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev acknowledged that the Russian economy has difficulties, but the emphasis is on the fact that predictions about the destruction of the Russian economy have not come true. “We understand that there are no shreds no,” said the Prime Minister.

In early October of 2016 Putin submitted to the state Duma a draft law on the suspension of a previously signed with the United States of the agreement on plutonium disposition. One of the conditions for the resumption of his actions in the document was called the US refusal “unfriendly policy against Russia”, including the abolition of all sanctions against Russian citizens and companies and compensation of damage suffered as a result of these sanctions and the “forced counter-sanctions against the United States of America.”

Later, the head of state assured that on their own Russia imposed on other countries counter-sanctions will not cancel. “Fuck them! “— said Putin to a journalist’s question about the possibility of such a decision.