The savings Bank has found a way to lend to small business without pledge

Sberbank has developed a new model for small business lending, which is based on the analysis of big data, including the movement of funds on Bank accounts of clients. Based on the results of this analysis for clients are generated by a prepared individual offers with the loan term from one year up to three years, the report says the Bank.

In the first stage, the preliminary loan approval will receive 100 thousand customers of the Bank, representing small business. Currently, they are informed about the possibility to get a loan on individual terms. In the future the number of clients who received ready credit offer will continue to grow, according to the message.

The press service of Sberbank said that this Bank did not actually lend to small businesses without collateral. “We are starting to issue unsecured loans to small businesses. In the last few years Sberbank has not had the same products for such customers, with the exception of offerings under the overdraft” — said the press service.

Customer notification will occur in the online or mobile banking via SMS. The loan amount without collateral is up to 5 million rubles, with the provision of up to 10 million rubles.

The press service of Sberbank explained that, under this pilot project, the credits will be issued only to those customers of small businesses who have no existing loans in the savings Bank. Issuance in the first phase of the pilot project will take place before the end of the year. “Then we’ll see how you behave in this portfolio. After which a decision will be made about scaling of the project”, — said the press service of the Bank.

“Our new model of lending to small businesses using big data Analytics, will make the process of obtaining a loan more convenient and fast for many of our clients. We solve one of the main problems of the business — lack of time,” says senior Vice-President of the savings Bank Anatoly Popov.

According to Popov, if the businessman opened a Bank account, he can expect that the results of the analysis of the momentum the Bank will come to him with an offer of a loan product with an individual limit and rate.

Model small business lending, based on the analysis of movement of funds on accounts of clients already used by banks. Such a model, for example, from Alfa-Bank in the framework of automatic overdraft. “From our point of view, Big data increases the efficiency of work with the client, since it is based on the use of large amounts of data and thus increases the accuracy of the constructed models,” — said the press service of Alfa-Bank.

“Today, many credit organizations work with models that use the movement of funds on accounts of clients as a factor in decision-making. Another thing, how exactly they analyze how well correlated the information on the movement of funds and the level of defaults. Obviously, the better the quality of the data, the more of them and the smarter they are used, the better the credit product,” says senior Vice President, head of unit “small and Medium business” PSB Alexander Chereskin.

“This is a promising method of lending. In the absence of or weak informativity official reporting of the business work with external and indirect data — real output”, — agrees the head of Department on work with small business Raiffeisenbank Roman Zilber.

According to him, Raiffeisenbank is now developing unsecured loan product for small businesses and plans to offer it in 2017.

According to experts, the effectiveness of the model, which begins to test the savings Bank, can only be judged a year later. “The effectiveness of the new model will be clear once they have the issuance and defaults, tried and tested the actual, not the planned experience. Across the country, 100 thousand is not much, considering that we have about 4.5 million small businesses. The scale of Sberbank’s value is significant, but not very big,” says Chereskin.

“To attract customers is real, but can hold will depend on what loan product will offer,” notes silber.

Sberbank expects that the new model will attract more customers engaged in small business, reported the press service.

Earlier, the head of Sberbank German Gref said that the volume of loans to small businesses may increase to the end of the year 50 billion. According to him, from September to begin a small increase in lending to small businesses.