Unscrupulous appraisers in insurance appraisals will be deprived of

The interdepartmental qualification Committee (IAC) of the Ministry of transport will be able to deny certification technical experts in the CTP, overestimating the cost of repair or performing calculations without the use of a common methodology, the CB should be the message of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI), arrived in . The corresponding order of the Ministry of transport shall enter into force on 19 December.

Currently, for the calculation of damages for CTP use the same methodology of the Central Bank. It must apply to insurers that conduct their own inspection, as well as expert technicians in the independent technical examination of the vehicle. Until now, sanctions for such violations was not provided.

Under the new rules, one of the grounds on which the MAK will be able to cancel the professional certification of expert technique is repeated (two or more) violation of the requirements of the independent technical examination of vehicles, if it exceeds the statistic in the method of the Central Bank 10%.

The President of the Russian Union of insurers (VSS) and RSA Igor Jurgens believes that the innovation will help to reduce the number of experts who work in the chain of autowrite and who write deliberately inflated the cost of repair, the report says RAMI.

The new requirements will help bring more order in the procedure of the examination, to reduce the activity avtoyuristov, said the head of the Department of methodology of obligatory kinds of insurance “AlfaStrakhovanie” Denis Makarov. “This order has long been discussed, and its adoption will give an opportunity to compel all expert technicians to act in a unified legal field,” — he said.

The entry for expert-appliances on the market are quite simple, and to deny its certification for unfair work Commission is not entitled, as the current regulatory framework does not give such possibility, said Jurgens. This situation leads to permissiveness, he said.

According to PCA, in 2015 more than 10 billion rubles ended up in the pockets avtoyuristov. In 80-90% of cases when the insurance benefits left this legal intermediaries, determination of the cost of repair was not carried out on a uniform methodology violated the rules of car inspection and other standards.

According to Union of motor insurers, about 15-20% of experts-technicians working with the criminal avtoyuristy and take away considerable funds from the insurance market, some experts that are not associated with criminal groups sometimes inflate the cost, the report says. In total, according to the Union, currently, the certificates have a 6 thousand technical experts.

According to Yurgens, RAMI intends to systematize the work with complaints of violations of technical experts. “That is, insurance companies will send them to PCA, we develop and apply to the MAC. Ready to keep a register of these complaints, it is possible the formation of a blacklist of violators,” he said.

This measure will only partially solve the problem of correctness of calculation of cost of repair cars unscrupulous experts, said the Director of the Department of analysis and control methodology of the insurance company “the Consent” Andrey Dyatlov. “It will remain the problem of intentional overstatement of the cost of repair by adding in the act of vehicle inspection is not apparent hidden injury, the identification of which on primary inspection held by the insurer, was impossible,” he said.

According to Dyatlovo, such manipulation and lead to a maximum overestimate of cost of repair and often cannot be convincingly disputed by the insurance company due to the lack of expert insurer for additional inspection.

The law does not oblige the victim to provide the vehicle for inspection to the insurer in the identification of hidden injuries, said the other insurer, who requested anonymity.