A number of NATO countries reinforce the battalions of the Alliance in the Baltic States and Poland

As stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg following the meeting of heads of defense ministries of NATO countries, some NATO countries have joined the initiative of Canada, Germany, the UK and the USA place on the Eastern borders of the Alliance “multinational battalions.”

According to him, Albania, Italy, Poland and Slovenia will complement the battalion, headed by Canada, Latvia. Belgium, Croatia, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Norway will join the battalion, led by Germany, in Lithuania. Denmark and France will join the battalion in Estonia, which is headed by Britain. While Romania and the UK, in turn, will contribute to the battalion under the leadership of the United States in Poland.

“Our forces will be truly multinational. This decision is a clear statement: NATO acts as a single entity. The attack on the ally would be treated as attack on all of us,” — said Stoltenberg.

He recalled that at the NATO summit in Warsaw, an agreement was reached four battalions in early 2017. “I am pleased to confirm that the plan is in the process of implementation”, — said Stoltenberg.

In addition, the NATO Secretary General said that at the meeting of heads of the Ministry of defense discussed “the progress in strengthening NATO presence in the black sea region”. “I am pleased to confirm that several countries have expressed a desire to contribute to the presence [of the Alliance. —] black sea region — on land, at sea and in the air,” — said Stoltenberg, adding that we are talking about Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and the United States.

During the meeting they also discussed “military activity near NATO borders,” including “recent exercises “Caucasus-2016” and the Russian deployment of “Iskander” in Kaliningrad”, said Stoltenberg. According to him, the Alliance is “concerned about Russia’s actions,” but stressed that “dialogue is even more important when the voltage is increased.” NATO “prepared for a meeting of Council Russia-the NATO at Ambassador level in the near future,” added the Secretary General.

Earlier in September, General of the Czech army, the Chairman of the NATO military Committee Peter Paul reported that the location of the group “deterrence” of Russia in the Baltic sea region will be completed by may 2017.

That the countries of the Alliance agreed to create four battalions in the Baltic States and Poland, Stoltenberg said at the beginning of July this year at the summit in Warsaw. He noted that the battalions will be created as a “deterrent measures” and that almost all member countries of the Alliance will take part in the formation of these battalions.

In early September, in an interview with Bloomberg Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the assumptions concerning the possible threats from Russia to the Baltic States, are “nonsense”. “I think that all sensible people who are really doing politics, you know that the links to the threats from Russia against, say, the Baltic States — this is complete nonsense, — said Putin. — Are we going to fight with NATO?”.