Central Bank said the number of distressed insurers

Almost 20% of all Russian insurers is a zone of high risk, it’s 53 companies, which the Bank of Russia is showing increased attention. This was stated by the head of the Department of insurance securities market Igor Zhuk during the seventh round table of the seminar “Topical issues of supervision, control and regulation of insurance”, the correspondent .

According to the Bug, now there are about 270 companies. “As of September 30, 44% of insurance companies are in the area of low risk, 36% — in the range of moderate risk and 20% in the red zone. 20% of the market crash from the point of view of possible problems,” he said.

According to the Beetle, 53 of the company is many, but their number is decreasing. “Besides the fact that some companies leave the market, there is a trend to improvement”, — he explained. For comparison, in the beginning of the year, according to him, there were a total of 330 working of insurance companies, of them in the red zone was 130.

Beetle said that with each distressed company of the Central Bank is ready to negotiate its exit from high-risk areas, and added that the regulator is “working tool” — coaching.

In September, the Deputy head of the Department of development of financial markets of the Central Bank Victoria Stepanenko said that the regulator looks forward to the adoption in 2016 of the law on requirements to the business reputation and qualification of top managers of insurance companies. According to her, similar requirements for the business reputation and qualifications already exist in respect of the employees of the banks. “For insurers it is important, including because this sphere of activity provides the most socially important segment of the financial market,” quoted the portal TASS. The bill, according to Stepanenko, is in the state Duma.