The head of US intelligence explained Putin’s actions the historical past of Russia

During the conversation, the international Affairs Council in new York, the Director of National intelligence James Clapper was asked what motivates Russian President Vladimir Putin. The American official said that the roots of this policy should be sought in the history of the USSR, or even in tsarist Russia. “I think he’s thinking about great Russia, great power. It is important that Russia be treated as the same superpower as the United States,” said Clapper in a conversation, the recording of which was posted on the Internet Council on international Affairs.

The head of National intelligence also said that Russia had tried to influence the outcome of U.S. presidential elections. While Clapper has indicated that he considers this impact is minor, since the electoral process in the United States is decentralized and operates at the level of States and municipalities.

Touched the official and the situation in the middle East. In particular, he stated that he would not be surprised if Russia shot down an American plane in the case of a no-fly zone over Syria. In his opinion, this will happen if Moscow considers a threat to its forces on the ground.

“Russia has deployed in Syria very advanced air defense system. She wouldn’t do that if I was not going to use it,” said Clapper.

On 4 October the Ministry of defense confirmed the data published by the Fox News channel, the transfer of s-300 to Syria. Agency spokesman Igor Konashenkov then explained that this complex is designed to ensure the security of its naval base in Syrian Tartus and “located in the coastal area of the ships of the operative connection of the Russian Navy from the air.”

Two days later, Konashenkov said that the range s-300 and s-400 would be a surprise for any unidentified objects. He also noted that Russia had delivered to Syria a battery of s-300 to prevent a repetition of the events of 17 September, when the U.S.-led coalition in half an hour launched air strikes on Syrian troops in Deir ez-Zor.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov on the same day stated that the purpose of the delivery of s-300 to Syria is the security of the Russian forces. “Now we just need to ensure the safety of our military, videoconferencing, our item logistics in the port of Tartus in a situation that is not yet calm down”, — said Lavrov.

7 October, the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the s-300 were deployed in Syria, after the leak of data about US intentions to bomb cruise missiles Syrian airfields. “C-300 appeared there after went down the drain from experts close to the American establishment, and they were one after the other and had a kind of basis that they will bomb with cruise missiles to the Syrian airports,” she said.