The media learned the mechanism of sanitation of Bank of the ROC

The main scenario considered in respect of the Bank “Peresvet”, the main shareholder is the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) – sanation using the mechanisms of bail-in, involving the conversion requirements of the corporate creditors to the Bank in its shares. About this “Kommersant” told several sources familiar with the matter.

According to them, the decision is still pending, but if the health of the Bank will carry out according to this scenario, the turnaround may be a Bank, RRDB, 84.7% of which belongs to Rosneft. This information newspaper confirmed three sources close to the creditors “Peresvet”.

Itself “Rosneft” did not place funds in the Bank of the ROC, the newspaper said. Earlier, Vedomosti wrote that the Bank was holding “RusHydro” (8 billion rubles) and “inter RAO UES” (15 billion rubles), the Board of Directors which includes the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin.

It is also unknown whether the touch procedure bail-in of bondholders, whose claims to “closest distance” is 30 billion rubles, and continues to “Kommersant”. According to sources the newspaper, the part of the holders of securities is also involved in discussions with the Central Bank of the mechanisms of reorganization of the Bank.

Not resolved the question of the amount of liabilities of creditors, which in the case of bail-in needs to be converted to equity. According to one of interlocutors of the newspaper, is still not known the exact size of the capital holes in Bank on Monday was information about the tens of billions of rubles, but the amount of change, he said.

In the Russian practice, in contrast to European claims of creditors are converted into shares of not entirely, but selectively. To date, the mechanism of partial bail-in was applied only twice: in projects of reorganization of the Bank “Tavrichesky” and Fundservicebank in 2015.