The NYT called in advance of their new place of work Obama

The staff of the Foundation of Barack Obama last year made about 10 trips to Silicon valley to help plan next steps current head of the White house, which expires in January term, wrote Wednesday in The New York Times.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it [Silicon valley] is one of the key areas of his postpresidential”, — said the publication of the co-founder of the media conglomerate AOL Situ Case.

The path from the White house to Silicon valley, which can be done Obama, already well known, it did none of the employees of the administration of the President of the United States, reminiscent of the NYT. Thus, the “architect” of the election campaign Obama 2008 David Pluff is now working at Uber, and former press Secretary of the President Jay Carney at Amazon.

And that’s not all examples. A former communications specialist for the White house, Dan Pfeiffer is now working on the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe, Lisa Jackson, who led the Agency the Obama environmental protection, now a top Manager of Apple. Last year the employee of administration of bill Clinton Chris Lian settled in Airbnb.

“This place is becoming a retirement home for political veterans,” says about Silicon valley Matt McKenna, a former press Secretary to Clinton, who last year went to Uber, and co-founder of a highly specialized firm of public relations the Greenbrier, based in the heart of Silicon valley.