The Pentagon announced plans to attack the capital of ISIL in Syria before the capture of Mosul

At a meeting with allies in the antiterrorist coalition in Paris, Carter said that at the moment is the preparation for the operation of taking the Raqqa that the terrorists of the “Islamic state” (which is forbidden in the Russian organization) is called his capital. “Yeah, the operation to liberate Raqqa and Mosul will take place at the same time, but it’s part of our plan, and we are ready for this”, — quotes the head of the Pentagon Agency Reuters.

Information about the training operation on the mastery of Raqqa was confirmed by the French Minister of defense Jean-Yves Le Drian. None of the participants did not specify when it will begin the offensive in Eastern Syria.

Earlier, us officials acknowledged that the operation to capture a millionth of Mosul may take many weeks or even months. Thus it is not excluded the variant of the attack on Raqqa with the aim of diverting forces from militants in Iraq.

The operation in Mosul began on 17 October. In eight days the Iraqi army, supported by aviation of Western countries, managed to occupy a number of settlements, but still approaching the city the soldiers failed.

The ISIS seized Raqqa in 2014. They control a large part of the province. Of the Northern part was able to release Kurdish troops. The Syrian government army after the liberation of Palmyra tried to move towards the administrative border of Raqqa, but encountered resistance fighters.