Three is a crowd: what the proposed America candidates-outsiders

Three is a crowd: what the proposed America candidates-outsiders

In boulder (co) the evening of 25 October were the so-called national debates of candidates for President of the United States, arranged by the Foundation Free & Equal Elections. Among the guests were Hillary Clinton, Donald trump and many others. However, public discussion was accepted only three politicians: conservative from Darrell castle Constitution party, independent candidate rocky de La Fuente, backed by the Reformist parties, and the representative of the Party for socialism and liberation Gloria lariva.

For the participants of the debate from the “third force” the presidential election is a good opportunity to Express themselves and their ideas on a national scale or at least at the level of individual States. At the debate, they almost never argued with each other and appealed to the audience. Lariva, castle and Fuente — they all agreed on the need to simplify the election process in the United States, to modify (or cancel) held by Barack Obama medical reform and take measures to eliminate the crisis in the system of higher education in the USA (debt students have already exceeded $1 trillion). None of them have a chance to defeat in November, Clinton or trump in an open battle, but any presidential campaign is a wonderful occasion to remember that in the US there are not only two political forces.

The process of nomination of presidential candidates varies from state to state. Candidates go to the polls from political parties or independently: for the nomination need to send a notice to the Federal election Commission (FEC), and even there is no need to conduct the campaign itself. In 2016 about his claim to the Oval office was announced by 1773 people, among which are the true originals. For example, a Republican-anarchist Vermin Love Supreme wears a boot on his head and promises every American their own pony if elected. Another candidate, 48-year-old “dominatrix” Tara Indiana, which intends “by means of spanking to force the country to return to the form” (whip America back into shape). However, only 24 candidates (other than Clinton and trump) that something is actually being done to get to the White house. And they have the ability to tickle the nerves of “real” candidates.

“Third force”

US presidential elections are essentially two-stage. The average voter votes for electors, who then decide who will be the head of state. To occupy higher post applicant need to score at least 270 electoral votes out of the total number in number of 538. But (for purely mathematical reasons) this may not happen if the electoral College will be at least three candidates. For this third candidate (in addition to Clinton and trump) needs to win at least one US state. In such a situation, the President is elected by the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress that is now controlled by Republicans. The lower house of Congress against a background of constant scandals with the trump and rejection of Clinton can just support a third candidate — a scenario cited by the British newspaper the Observer and some American media. The precedent is there: in 1825, the house of representatives elected out of four candidates John Quincy Adams (84 electoral votes), while his opponent Andrew Jackson had 99 votes.

The candidate of the libertarian party Gary Johnson

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The only possible candidate for the “third force” political scientists call the candidate of the libertarian party Gary Johnson, former Governor-a Republican from the state of new Mexico. In popularity polls nationwide ready to give him their votes 3-5% of Americans (the closest to defeating Johnson in the new Mexico and Utah, although in both States it is inferior to Clinton and Trump). Johnson presents the classic libertarian program which attractive for the part of conservatives and liberals. Opponents of the growth of state intervention in the economy and regulatory support we offer Johnson a maximum of freedom of enterprise, the rejection of the greater part of the taxes and abolishment of the Tax service (IRS). Young people and liberals should welcome the calls for Johnson to protect the rights of minorities. In foreign policy, libertarians insist on a minimum involvement of the United States in world Affairs. In addition, Johnson was able to enlist the support of respected regional publications: The Chicago Tribune, The Detroit News, New Hampshire Union Leader, The Richmond Times-Dispatch Winston-Salem Journal, The Caledonian-Record. But the real chance of Johnson to take a seat in the White house is still vanishingly small — as suggested by The New York Times, his campaign as the maximum cost of votes of Trump, which is still inferior to its main opponent.

Motley range

The rest of the program only interested in candidates that demonstrate the whole palette of political views represented in the United States. Fourth “race leader”, judging by the measurements of the popularity on a national scale, is the candidate of the green Jill Stein. At the end of October study of CNN and ABC News gave her 2% of the vote. Views stayn close to the European left. It supports simplification of the tax system, the withholding of aid to large banks and the reduction of defense spending. At the same time Stein, in favour of investments in green energy and a new international agreement to combat climate warming. In foreign policy, she said, Washington should abandon its aggressive actions, including the sale of arms to Middle East countries. The United States should also freeze the assets of States, which helps the jihadists. In particular, Stein mentioned Saudi Arabia. Stein is likely to distract the part of Hillary supporters due to its consistent left rhetoric.

The nominee of the green Party Jill Stein

Photo: John Minchillo/AP

Among the participants of the debate in Colorado is most strongly different positions of Gloria Lariva and Darrell castle. The candidate of the Party for socialism and liberation offers Americans a radical left program. In the list of ten items contained the introduction to the US Constitution the right to jobs, free health care, legalization of all migrants, nationalization of the banks. Lariva called his party the movement “radical Marxists”. She’s no stranger to presidential election: in 2008, a similar program earned her a 6.8 thousand votes.

The candidate of the Constitution party Darrell castle


At the opposite end of the political spectrum is castle. The Constitutional party is sometimes called the representative of the American “paleoconservatism”. This term means a movement that advocated the limiting of Executive power, social conservatism and the literal or even restrictive interpretation of the Constitution. In one of the interviews castle — a lawyer and a priest, called for the termination of membership of the United States in the UN and the abolition of the Federal reserve system, which cannot cope with its responsibilities of maintaining the value of the dollar and the achievement of full employment. Unlike Larivi conservative, castle insists on strict observance of the migration legislation, although he opposed the mass deportations. The candidate from the Constitution party also supports the abolition of most taxes and the transfer of the remaining collection from the Federal to the state level.

Most positions look moderate independent candidate rocky de La Fuente. Fuente calls himself a progressive Democrat, supporting the gradual legalization of immigrants. At the heart of his economic program is the suppression of the growth of public debt and budget deficit. But in foreign policy, Fuente also supports curtailing the American presence “in States that didn’t ask for this”. In addition, he called for cutting military spending and increasing their efficiency and transparency.

Independent candidate rocky de La Fuente

Photo: Charlie Neibergall/AP

The absence of the three candidates any chance show polls. Lariva, Fuente and castle are not even in the national polls. Held in early October in new Hampshire, the study has given the Fuente 0% of the votes. In Nevada in late September of 1% of voters in the survey supported the castle and Fuente. As many in this state are ready to vote for your favorites from “third parties” — the candidate of the libertarian Gary Johnson and the leader of the “green” Stein.