In Dagestan ordered the journalists to provide data on their social networks

According to “Kommersant”, the Minister of press and information of Dagestan Burlet Tasbolatova October 20, sent to the supervised entities the decree according to which the heads of state media of the Republic is obliged “to provide information about the accounts of managers and employees on the Internet in accordance with the form specified in the Annex to the e-mail”. The collection of nicknames and addresses of the personal pages of staff is conducted “for the purpose of organization of monitoring of institutions under the Ministry in social networks,” the document says.

As the newspaper writes with reference to the website of the Ministry, the state-run media are broadcasting company “Dagestan state Republican broadcaster”, the eponymous information Agency of the Republic, edition of 16 Newspapers, six magazines, the radio station “Country of mountains”, three publishing houses and enterprise Dagpechat’.

In the offices of several Republican Newspapers “Kommersant” have confirmed that the faxed order was received there. Requested information the journalists had collected.

Amendments to the law “On state civil service of the Russian Federation” and the law “On municipal service in the Russian Federation”, the newspaper reminds, adopted on 30 June this year, civil servants and applicants for civil service must submit to the representative of the employer information about the addresses of sites and (or) the pages of the sites on which they posted publicly available information and data allowing to identify them. Neither journalists nor employees of publishing houses to civil servants to civil servants are not, the newspaper said. References to the regulations of the order Tasbolatova does not contain.

In the waiting room Tasbolatova told the publication that the Minister is in a meeting and unavailable for comment. In the Department of Department on interaction with mass-media reported that they did not know anything about sending such letters.

According to an employee of one of the Dagestan editions, the staff of this publication “reacted to it with humor.” “We are well aware that no one will sit and check our accounts. If a post journalist was made public, and so the reaction will follow. Such cases were,” he said.

“Kommersant” writes that he conducted spot checks in several Russian regions. None of these facts officially sanctioned data collection on the activity of the journalists of the state media in social networks is not revealed.

The head of the Council under the President of Russia on human rights (HRC) and the Secretary of the Union of journalists of Russia Mikhail Fedotov said that the Russian laws do not contain norms that allow officials to compel journalists to provide personal information. Chairman of the Union of journalists of Russia Vsevolod Bogdanov said that will find out what this initiative is and from whom it comes. “I personally don’t like it”, — he stressed.