Putin explained the meaning of the arms of the OSCE mission in Donbass

Speaking at the forum, Putin said that only after negotiations, “Norman Quartet” has supported the initiative of Peter Poroshenko on the conduct of the police of the OSCE mission to the elections in the Donbass. “I will tell you my position on this issue: the President Poroshenko took the initiative so-called police mission during the future elections in Donbass — Donetsk and Lugansk, and I’m the only one who supported him”, — Putin said (quoted by TASS).

According to Putin, the remaining participants objected “not because I don’t want to help Peter Alekseevich, but because the OSCE never did, she has no such experience and no people, no practice of any police missions”.

Putin added that Moscow offer Poroshenko not believe police mission, and the ability for people organizing elections in the Donbass, to be present at sites with a service weapon. As explained by the President of Russia, opponents of the proposal believe that “it can provoke unknown person on the use of weapons against armed people,” and the strength of the OSCE observers that they “represent a solid, universally recognized international organization, and they themselves are not armed.” According to the President, the attack on unarmed observers in this case “will be perceived as the unacceptable behaviour of someone else”.

“Although, if Peter believes that this would benefit, I personally support it. But I’m the only one who does it. It is a strange situation when it is the only one where our opinions coincide,” Putin said (quoted by “Interfax”).

A meeting of leaders “Norman Quartet” in Berlin took place on 19 October. Previous talks with Putin, Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande and Poroshenko was in October last year. After the Berlin meeting, Poroshenko said that Russia has agreed to the arms of the OSCE mission in Donbass. With the idea of arming the observers Poroshenko spoke in April and in June, Putin agreed that the OSCE should “be in possession of firearms.”

Since then, the issue of arming the mission was never solved. After the Berlin talks, the sources and a source close to the talks said that this issue will be difficult to solve, however, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov confirmed the words of Poroshenko, Putin agreed. “The first mission is a police mission of the OSCE, the OSCE mission, it can be called whatever you like, in General, the location of such a mission; indeed Putin agreed during negotiations. And there is a common understanding, and in this situation, Vladimir Putin spoke of the need to use the current German presidency in the OSCE to enhance its work on this issue”, — said Peskov.