Sands offered a “biker” Surgeon to apologize to Raikin

In the Kremlin commented on the words of the leader of “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov, better known as the Surgeon who spoke out against the artistic Director of “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin in the controversy about the pressure on art and censorship.

“The main issue in this whole discussion is a huge talent Raikin, which we treat with infinite respect. And I think that just bitch slapped this boy who insulted him. I hope he will apologize,” — said Peskov (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

In conversation with Zaldostanov said he was not going to give up their words. “Moreover, I will not stand idly by. I will try to recapture the desire and ability to insult the faith, to insult the icons and put there these pedophiles. I don’t like it, and I don’t agree with this, and I will fight to see that in our country it was not,” he said.

This week, October 24, Raikin gave a speech at the seventh Congress of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia and urged the authorities “to speak clearly” about the attacks activists for exhibitions and performances. “These groups allegedly offended people who are close plays, close the show, very blatantly behave, which is very strange power neutral, distanciruemsa. I think that is an outrageous infringement on the freedom of creativity,” said Raikin and encouraged artists of different beliefs to stand together against censorship.

The next day, October 25, Surgeon criticized Raikin in conversation with the “National news service”. “The devil always tempts freedom, he said. — And under the guise of freedom of these Raikin want to turn the country into the gutter, where sewage would flow. To do nothing we will not, and I will do anything to protect us from American democracy.”

Then the speech Raikin commented and Sand. He stated the inadmissibility of censorship, but stipulated that if the government “orders the work of art” and gives money to artists, you have the right to impose conditions. “The government orders the work of art on a particular topic within the framework of those programs that are implementation — again, this is not censorship,” — said the press Secretary of the President.

Now Sands continued the discussion and said that “to argue around the concept of censorship can be very long.” “But I want Raikin called at least one case when someone tried to push something or to prohibit. And then we go back to the beginning of this discussion,” said the press Secretary of Vladimir Putin. “I would like to say that I was forbidden to do in “the Satyricon” this or impose this, then it will be a discussion really based on anything, he added. It is very important to Raikin said, was censorship applied once or attempts, similar to the censorship against him.”

In addition, Peskov said film Director Andrei Zvyagintsev, who yesterday joined with him in a polemic in the pages of “Kommersant”. “Peskov said, not doubting the fidelity of his judgment that once the state pays the artist, that, therefore, the artist must serve his state will. If you remember, there is such a vulgar joke: “Who the girl has supper, that and dances it”. About this is the idea of power about art” — written by Zvyagintsev. According to him, their “orders” officials “castrated creative thought”. The Director also drew attention to the fact that the Sands “did not comment on the words Raikin about the horrific antics of people publicly breaking the sculpture and pour a urine-pictures”.

“Convincingly written, responded to the column Zvyagintsev press Secretary to the President (quoted by “Interfax”). — I have great respect for his point of view, but I don’t entirely agree with him. The main question is what it is. First, officials do not treat this money as his own, is the wrong thesis completely. The officials manage money of the state in the interests of the state.”