The media learned about Putin’s outrage when discussing the incident over the Black sea

As writes Bloomberg, citing a story of one of the senior officials, at a meeting with the government that reported the incident over the Black sea when Russian military aircraft flew close to U.S. Navy ships. “When someone at the table uttered a phrase like “they deserve it”, Putin sharply interrupted him, saying, “You crazy?” — he recounts his interlocutor Agency.

The source Bloomberg did not say when it happened, this conversation. This year over the Black sea, there have been several interceptions of American aircraft podlevskih to the Russian border. In may last year, the defense Ministry reported su-24 that made the USS Ross to depart from the territorial waters of Russia. The Americans said in response that he did not notice the extraordinary activity of the Russian space forces in the region.

In April of this year, the incident with the flight of su-24 on the U.S. destroyer occurred in the Baltic sea. Then the representative of the US authorities announced that the Russian plane was prevented from lifting from the deck of the ship to the Polish helicopter. Source Reuters described the incident as one of the most aggressive actions in recent times.

Bloomberg indicates that the story the source said in response to the question, “why the Russian state media are actively discussing the possibility of a conflict in the last few weeks.” The Agency stressed that this discussion does not clearly explain what they think on this issue in the Kremlin, and also confirm the opinion of the supporters of Putin that he “takes a relatively moderate stance by Moscow standards.”

A week ago, the question of Russian-American relations and the talk about the hypothetical possibility of a Third world war in a Financial Times interview, responded, the former head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov. “I think everybody’s smart enough not to go to a hot war,” said he then. “But when we talk about the cold war, the information war and propaganda war, it can be called a fact of life. We all see it every day”, — stressed Ivanov.

About the debate on the same subject in the entourage of US President Barack Obama October 24, reported the Washington Post. According to the newspaper, CIA Director John Brennan and defense Secretary Ashton Carter at a recent meeting in Washington had advocated helping the rebels in Syria that would help them to withstand artillery strikes and raids by Russian aircraft. But skeptics, among whom were the Secretary of state, John Kerry, expressed concern that as a result of the use of American weapons can lost Russian soldiers, deepening confrontation with Moscow.