Artistic Director “Театр.doc” refused to release from Russia

That artistic Director “Театр.doc” Michael Ugarov has not released from the country when he was about to fly to Germany, according to “Novaya Gazeta”. The publication cites the Director of Maria Zaedinov, who wrote about this in his Facebook.

According to her, Ugarov “is not missed on the border Sheremetyevo to Berlin”. “Without explanation: the disposal of the FSB,” — she wrote.

These data “the New newspaper” has confirmed one of the founders and Director of the theatre Elena Gremin. Ugarov “showed a document, which explains the reason,” she said. How to specify “the Media”, Gremin’s wife Ugarov.

Ugarov later confirmed that he was not released from Russia. “I didn’t fly to Berlin. Not released at the border. Without explanation. The disposal of the FSB / Border service”, — he wrote in his Facebook. Artistic Director expressed the hope that “this is some small fine.”

On the website of the Federal bailiff service, there is evidence that Ugarov is in arrears on payments for the apartment in the amount of more than 87 thousand RUB This may be grounds to deny him travel abroad under part 1 of article 46 of the Tax code of Russia.

In 2014 “Театр.doc” there were problems with the lease, which Gremin was associated with a performance of “Swamp thing”, the anniversary of the “March of millions” on may 6, 2012. In mid-October 2014, the Moscow authorities decided to terminate the lease contract with “Театр.doc” citing illegal alterations to the premises. In December Gremin reported that the theatre will move into its new building, but a few months later a new landlord terminated the lease. In addition, when Grameen was summoned to the Prosecutor’s office to inform them about the need to provide copies of statutory documents. In June 2015 “Театр.doc” moved to a room in the Small state lane.

In December 2014 Moscow police interrupted the show in “Театр.doc” film about the events of Euromaidan. The police informed the audience about the evacuation because of the signal of a bomb threat, then rewrote these viewers, and later, as told by the people inside the theatre, dismantled and seized equipment.

“Театр.doc” was created in 2002 by playwrights Mikhail Egorovym, Elena graminei and Alexander Rodionov.