Gref spoke about not wanting to change anything in Russia “pseudo-patriots”

German Gref told journalists his thoughts on patriotism during the conference “More than teaching: preparing the leaders of the digital world” at the Corporate University of Sberbank, reports . The head of Sberbank, spoke about it, talking about the need of modern technology.

“I think Russia has a chance to be among the leaders [in digital technologies]. In my opinion, are the real patriots in the country, and there are pseudo-patriots. Here is the pseudo-patriots are those people who say that and so we all have something we’re good, in General nothing needs to change,” — said Gref.

“In my opinion, it is, of course, people who don’t care about the future of the country, is the pseudo-patriots. True patriots — those people who are trying all the time to work very hard on themselves, work on their business, on their institutions in order to meet the time and even a little ahead of time, — added the head of Sberbank. It is very heavy, it is not always popular, it is always due to the fact that you have to change yourself and change others, to influence others, and people disagree about it. But this is real quality, which will determine the future.”

In the summer of 2015 at the meeting with workers of the concern “Kalashnikov” Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for faithfulness “great values of patriotism”, calling it a “sacred duty” of the Russians.

In February 2016, speaking at a meeting of the Association of entrepreneurs “leaders Club”, Putin spoke of patriotism as the only unifying idea. “This is the national idea,” he said.

Gref also talked about technology and not about patriotism. May 27 at the annual General meeting of shareholders of Sberbank, in particular, the head of Sberbank told about the new reality that is formed by five trends: first, the world is becoming digital, he explained, secondly, disruptive technologies supplant traditional manufacturing, thirdly, there is a rise of geopolitical tensions, finally there is a slowdown in emerging markets and at the same time, falling prices for raw materials and energy.