“Memorial” has reported a doubling in the number of political prisoners in Russia

The human rights center “memorial” reported on the growing number of Russian political prisoners in Russia on Friday, 28 October, on the eve of day of memory of victims of political repression on October 30.

“A year ago in our list of political prisoners there were 50 people, now 102 people. The number of political prisoners even in our not exhaustive lists, thus seriously increased,” — said on the website of “Memorial”.

We are talking about the number of political prisoners in Russia, fixed a “Memorial” at the moment a year ago, said the press Secretary of the center Yulia Orlova.

Political prisoners under “memorial” implies both people serving sentences involving deprivation of liberty, and those to whom as a preventive measure applied is detention or house arrest.

Unlike previous years, this time the memorial has divided the list into two lists: deprived of their liberty in connection with the realization of the right to freedom of religion and all other political prisoners.

The growth in reported “Memorial” of political prisoners for two reasons, said the head of the program “Support of political prisoners and persecuted civil society activists,” Sergei Davidis. According to him, last year “memorial” covered business that do not have time to consider before. However, the objective tendency of law enforcement agencies and courts is that the number of people condemned for political reasons, really growing, said Davidis.

“Certain trends are given, and in the field are looking for people who could contribute to the required reports on disclosure of extremist, terrorist and other crimes. In the absence of these crimes and the difficulty of dealing with them are often victims of such cases are innocent”, — he added. Davidis was reminded that the lists of “Memorial” is incomplete because many cases are still pending.

Human rights activists stress that the person is recognized as a political prisoner does not mean no consent “Memorial” with the views and statements of political prisoners or approval of their statements or actions.

To obtain prompt review of the Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova failed.