Peskov did not comment on the Bloomberg about a harsh reaction from Putin

The Kremlin did not deny or confirm information about the disturbed reaction of President Vladimir Putin when discussing the incident with the flight of Russian military aircraft near the American ships, reports “Interfax”. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov referred to the closed nature of the meeting, during which there was an exchange of opinions about the incident.

“Closed meetings — they are in order and held that it was possible to exchange views on the most pressing issues, so this information I will neither confirm nor deny”, — said Peskov.

Peskov also stressed that President Vladimir Putin is not a supporter of the tension. “He advocated a very strict adherence to the provisions of the relevant instruments of international law that govern the interaction to avoid dangerous incidents, whether in the air or on the sea, and he pays a lot of attention in his capacity as commander in chief,” explained the spokesman.

Yesterday, October 27, Bloomberg, citing a senior source reported that at one meeting with the government, Putin told about the incident over the Black sea when Russian military aircraft flew close to U.S. Navy ships.

“When someone at the table uttered a phrase like “they deserve it”, Putin sharply interrupted him, saying, “You crazy?” — gave the Agency the words of his companion.

Source Bloomberg did not say when it happened, this conversation.