Roskosmos said the refusal to put France missiles

“We do not get the money that Arianespace (a French operator of launch services. —) need for our work. No money — no product. We can’t work for free. Therefore, we will not put”, — quotes the statement of the press service of the Roscosmos website of the French newspaper Les Echos.

On October 21 General Director of Roscosmos Igor Komarov wrote to the Prime Minister of France Manuel the Waltz the letter (there is a), in which they informed that France violated the bilateral agreement of 1989 on the protection of investment, allowing to arrest on its territory, the money due from Arianespace for launching satellites using Russian carrier rocket “Soyuz”. The arrests were imposed at the request of offshore companies former Yukos shareholders pursuant to 50 billion decision of the Hague Tribunal.

“Such arrests have taken place since 30 Jun 2015, did not available to Investors accounts receivable by the company Arianespace in the amount of approximately €300 million,” writes Komarov. Under the investors he means by “Roskosmos”, RCC “Progress” Design Bureau of General machine-building, NPO Lavochkin, and TsENKI, which cooperate in the project “Europeanized” the rocket “Soyuz”. These missiles, which date back to the Soviet model of 1966, is used to deploy an in-orbit satellite constellation Galileo (the European GPS system) on behalf of the European Commission.

Ex-Yukos shareholders Hulley Enterprises and Veteran Petroleum was arrested twice the same debt Arianespace in January 2016, the court of Evry recognized initial arrest, carried out Hulley, illegal, but the day before the decision, the Veteran has imposed a new arrest on the same asset. The second arrest was declared invalid in April 2016, “but the real undoing of arrests could not be made,” points “Roscosmos” because Hulley and Veteran immediately filed an appeal. In addition, the court of appeal of Paris on 5 October delayed the unlocking of the debt, citing the fact that “Roscosmos” allegedly acted as the representative of the Russian Federation — the defendant in the “case of Yukos” — when concluding contracts with Arianespace. Consideration of the question of unfreezing of €300 million is scheduled for April 19, 2017.

The delay in receiving payment from Arianespace “has already brought significant losses,” writes Komarov to the French government. If the dispute is not settled within six months, “Roskosmos” will give it an international arbitration under the UNCITRAL rules.

Despite the fact that the decision of international arbitration on the “Yukos case” was canceled in April by the Hague district court, the French judicial system holds the position that the initial arbitration award prevails, the seizure of property is not necessarily removable. Former Yukos shareholders are seeking to restore the decision of arbitration through the Hague court of appeal.

Since 2011, Arianespace has launched the 15 “Unions”, the last time in may. By the end of this year, the French company does not plan to use “Union” (in her possession there are also launch vehicles Ariane 5 and Vega). The representative of Arianespace did not respond to a request .