Biden said there are no plans to become a Secretary of state with the victory of Clinton

Vice President Joe Biden stated that he does not intend to work as head of the State Department in the case of the election of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton President.

“I will do everything possible to help Hillary if she’s elected, but I don’t want to be in administration,” Biden said in an interview with KBJR (quote via CNN).

He explained that Clinton has not yet offered him the post, if elected. Biden also said he has many plans that he is ready to implement if she becomes the President of the United States.

Before Politico, citing a source, reported that Clinton can offer Biden as Secretary of state of the United States, in case of its victory on elections. According to the newspaper, Biden is part of the so-called “short list” of possible candidates Clinton to head the State Department.

According to sources, Biden “will be great” in this post, and Clinton’s campaign “spend a lot of time to the best way to convince him to head the state Department.” However, the official representatives of the team Clinton has not commented on this information, stating that the appointment of Biden to head the state Department is not discussed.

In 2008, Joseph Biden was a candidate for the post of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party. Clinton served then as Secretary of state of the country. After he won the election of Barack Obama, Biden in for two terms, Vice-President of the United States.

CNN reports that during the campaign, Biden actively supported Clinton. However, he often says that he is interested in opening “a new Chapter of his life, in addition to a career in government.”