The head of the FBI has promised to renew investigation against Clinton

As reported by the Washington Post, citing sources close to the FBI Director, Komi has sent to Congress a brief message in which he promised to complete the investigation of violations of Clinton. Their employees he stated that he feels obligated to do it. He mentioned that in recent weeks repeatedly said that the test is completed.

In July, Komi Republic announced the completion of the investigation, and then was subjected to sharp criticism from a Republican candidate Donald trump. The latter accused the Director of the FBI that he did supporting Clinton.

Dissatisfaction with the decision of the Komi Republic has already expressed the head of the electoral headquarters of the candidate from Democratic party John Podesta, who indicated, “very weird to see something like this 11 days before the presidential election.”

Earlier it became known that the FBI has discovered about 1000 new letters Clinton in the investigation against former Congressman from the state of new York from the Democratic party, Anthony Weiner. Former Secretary of state, in turn, urged to report, on any materials involved.

The scandal surrounding e-mails, Clinton erupted in March 2015. Then it became known that during his tenure as Secretary of state (2009-2013) she used to correspond via personal email, although the US administration was required to use the government mail. Clinton herself claimed that she passed confidential data and mostly kept up a correspondence with the closest circle of advisors.