The Ministry of Finance estimated the loss of the Central Bank, in 2017, 150 billion rubles.

The government predicts a loss of the Bank of Russia in 2017 in the amount of 150 billion rubles, in 2018 — a loss of 200 billion rubles. the Data contained in the documents to the draft Federal budget for 2017-2019, which are available in the database of the state Duma, reports “Interfax”.

According to statements of the Central Bank, in recent times the regulator has a loss on its operations in 1998 (he has made more than 27.8 billion rubles), and a year later went into profit (1.19 billion rubles). In 2015, the Bank earned RUB 112.6 billion (almost twice less than in 2014), of which 90%, or 101.1 billion rubles were transferred to the Federal budget.

In 2016, according to forecasts of the Ministry of Finance, in connection with the formation in the banking sector structural surplus profit of the Bank will amount to less than a third of result in 2015, and in 2017 and 2018 it would not be.

Dangerous surplus

The Central Bank makes a profit is mainly due to the foreign exchange market and provide liquidity to commercial banks. In 2017, the regulator expects the transition of the banking sector to the structural surplus liquidity.

It threatens to lower banks ‘ demand for refinancing instruments and, accordingly, a reduction in interest income of the Central Bank. In addition, due to the holding of Central Bank operations to drain excess liquidity may increase its interest expenses.

The emerging structural surplus of liquidity is a factor of profit in 2016, stated in the explanatory note to the draft budget.