Yevgeny Mironov after Raikin spoke out against the “aggressively ignorant”

Actor Yevgeny Mironov, who heads the Theatre of Nations, made an appeal, which was supported by the Director Konstantin Raikin, criticized authorities for the lack of intervention in a situation when activists get involved in the work of artists. Treatment Mironova published on the website of his theater.

“For me the issue is not the evaluation of performance of Konstantin Raikin at the Congress theatre Union (the Union of theatrical figures of Russia. — ). Of course, I agree with him and fully share his concern. For me the question is: what do we do?” — said Mironov. According to him, “all the time there are threats against the artists, their performances, exhibitions, books, films — the threat from certain people or some dubious organizations that arrogate to themselves the right to judge about art, self-styled take on the role of protectors of supposedly moral and traditions.”

“What to do when aggressive ignorant fit in a purely professional activity, trying to discredit the concept of “artist”, “creativity”, “freedom”? To explain what “this” is not pornography, “bathing of a red horse” — not the promotion of homosexuality, and “Lolita” — not a Manifesto of pedophilia?” — asks Mironov. One way out, he concludes: “to Unite in the professional community, some kind of informal body for each art form — his own, which should include people with an impeccable reputation throughout his life of proven competence, have taken the responsibility before the state for large creative teams”.

Last week, on 24 October, the head of the theatre “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin at the seventh Congress of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia encouraged “to speak clearly” about the closure of performances and exhibitions after the speeches, the activists, whom he called “little groups of offended people.” Raikin reminded about “attack on art” and expressed concern that the authorities do not pay attention to people who break exhibitions and performances.

“These groups allegedly offended people who are close plays, close the show, very blatantly behave, which is very strange power neutral, distanciruemsa. I think that is an outrageous infringement on the freedom of creativity” — decoded speech Raikin edition of “Medusa”. “When the urine pour photos — is that the struggle for morality?” — asked the Director.

Press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the speech Raikin, said about the inadmissibility of censorship, however, pointed out that “it is necessary to clearly differentiate those performances, those works which are put or removed for public money, and those that are taken with the involvement of any other funding.” According to Peskov, “of course, if the government gives money to some statement” that “may denote a particular subject.”

On 29 October, the Ministry of culture announced the meeting of the head of Department Vladimir Medinsky with Raikin. “After a quiet discussion and conversation of the Minister of culture Konstantin Arkadievich, we all thought that the matter was settled and the misunderstanding resolved. We agreed quietly and without attracting media solve the issues arising in working order”, — stated in the message of the Ministry.

In addition, it was noted in the message, the Ministry of culture Medinsky held a meeting with the Director of theatre “Satyricon” Anatoliy Balanchinym. “We honestly talked. Clarified their positions to each other. Brought each other apologies for the emotion. Mr Medinsky spoke with Konstantin Arkadievich. All our fears are dispelled. Understanding restored”, — quoted the press service of the Ministry Palantina.

Later Palankin explained that Raikin didn’t apologise for his words about censorship at meeting in the Ministry of culture. According to the Director of theatre “the Satyricon” Raikin “continues to believe that he said everything correctly on issues of censorship and issues of the creative issues that arose at our theatre as a result of underfunding”.