Experts have recorded increased mortality of the Russians at home in 2015

Increased mortality

The Russians were more likely to die at home, according to their report, the experts of the Foundation of independent monitoring “Health”. The study authors relied on data provided by regions to the Ministry of health (minsa).

If in 2014 the house died 910 thousand people, in 2015 — 960 thousand (an increase of 5.5%). Deaths at home increased in 37 regions, recorded in the Fund.

Maximum growth was observed in St. Petersburg, where the death rate has increased 18 — fold- from 1.4 thousand in 2014 to 26.6 thousand in 2015. The sharp rise demonstrated nine regions: Novgorod oblast (161%), Leningrad region (153%), Volgograd oblast (75%), Moscow (72%), Vladimir oblast (38%), Jewish Autonomous oblast (27%), Nenets Autonomous Okrug (23%), Kursk oblast (21%) and Vologda oblast (15%).

The overall statistics improved the data from six regions, where the mortality rate at home has decreased: the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (41.7 per cent), Tyva (35,7%), Buryatia (32,9%), Chechnya (18.2 per cent), Kabardino-Balkaria (17.5%) and Ulyanovsk region (16.2 per cent).

Working die more often

The increase in deaths at home and recorded among the working population, the survey of the Fund. In 2014 the house died 153 million adults who did not live to retirement age. In 2015, this figure increased by 4.5% and amounted to 160 thousand

A sharp increase in mortality among people of working age, noted in St. Petersburg, where the rate increased by 51-fold, from 95 people in 2014 to 5 million in 2015. Petersburg is followed by Moscow (252%), Novgorod oblast (139%), Volgograd oblast (118%), Kursk oblast (108%) and the Nenets Autonomous district (100%).

One of the main causes of death among able-bodied people — myocardial infarction, because his patients began to die of 18.1%. It says the late detection of patients with cardiovascular diseases and problems with their hospitalization, according to the study.

But to explain such a large change in overall mortality at home of natural causes only difficult, said the Director of the Foundation “Health” Eduard Gavrilov. The Ministry of health could change method of accounting deceased, he suggests.

Private statistics

Last year the Ministry of health has introduced weekly monitoring of the regions, confirmed the change of system of counting of mortality in a press-Department service. Now Federal officials travel to places and help their regional colleagues to calculate key indicators of lethality, said the Ministry. Statistics for people who died at home in 2015, the Ministry of health has not provided.

Regions might underestimate the data, while they do not come from the Federal Ministry of health, says Director of the Association “Pharmaceutical innovation” Vadim Kukava. The government gives to the regional authorities the task of reducing mortality from cardiovascular performance, reducing hospital mortality, etc. “Maybe the regional structure of the Ministry of health has achieved positive dynamics by manipulating statistics, and now began to appear more realistic assessment,” says Kukava.

Russian statistics does not beat the world

The health Ministry said the death rate in Russia from all causes in 2015 fell by 0.3% and amounted to 13 people on 1 thousand population. The way it was recorded a decrease in mortality, the Agency has not explained.

The overall mortality rate is falling, but, according to the Foundation for Health and mortality rates are increasing in hospitals and at home, surprised the President of the League of defenders of patients Alexander Saversky. “This can not be mathematically. The Ministry of health have come to this, I don’t understand,” he said.

According to the world Bank, the mortality rate in Russia increased from 13.1 cases per 1 thousand population in 2014 to 13.96 event in 2015, says project Manager pharmaceutical company Vegas Lex Maria Borzova.