In the Kremlin commented on the requirement Kadyrov not to cut the budget of the Chechen Republic

The journalists asked Dmitry Peskov to comment on a statement the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, who yesterday spoke out against the proposals of the Russian Ministry of Finance to cut the budget of the Republic.

“Continues the new phase of the budget process, though no less complex, as the President spoke. Main discussions will be in the lower house. Of course, it’s debatable matter, so the discussion will be, and the President talked about this, told you so,” — quoted Peskov, “RIA Novosti”.

According to the representative of the Kremlin, the formation of the budget — “not just the theme of agreement or disagreement”. “The theme of the argumentation, the issue is not just with the interests of one entity, it is a question of the General budget of the country. This is a rather difficult substance, where must be taken into consideration all aspects of what will happen in the State Duma,” — said Peskov, answering the question of whether the public statements of the head of Chechnya actively influence the formation of the budget.

On the eve of Kadyrov in his Instagram, summing up the meeting about the formation of the budget of the Chechen Republic to 2017, criticized the Finance Ministry’s proposals to cut the budget of the Republic. “We cannot be satisfied with the proposed Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation the draft of the budget”, — Kadyrov wrote, noting that in previous years the authorities of the Republic agreed to the proposals of the Ministry of Finance based on the economic situation in Russia.

Kadyrov recalled that at the time abolished the Federal target program (FTP) “Restoration of economy and social sphere of the Chechen Republic (2002 and subsequent years)” and offered to restore it.

If reduction of the budget of the Chechen Republic continues, the country will not be able to develop and she will not be able to fulfill the assumed social obligations, summed up Kadyrov.

As he wrote, in the nine years that Kadyrov runs Chechnya, the Republic has received from the Federal budget in the form of subsidies, subventions and grants 539 billion At an annual rate, on average amounting to 60 billion rubles, Chechnya is in the top three most subsidized regions of Russia after Dagestan and Yakutia. According to the Finance Ministry, in 2014 the revenues to the budget of the Chechen Republic from the Federal Treasury amounted to 81,6%.

Gratuitous transfers from 2007 to 2015 was on average 87% of the revenues of the Republic. The amount of aid to Chechnya over the years fell only twice — in 2010 and 2013, and in 2015 with the General reduction in aid to the regions 3% Chechnya have increased funding by 8%.