Moscow authorities agreed to a request to “Russian March” in Lyublino

The mayor’s office agreed to the request of the organizers of “Russian March” rally on 4 November in Lublin, said the “Rain” one of the March organizers Yuri Gorsky. Gorsky said that the call from the mayor’s office received “half an hour ago.”

“[First,] all bids were rejected because the residents complained because of the loud event. And now I got a call half an hour ago, said that the stars bowed in our direction, and March is permitted, it is only necessary to come and write a statement about the unification of applications,” said Gorsky .

According to him, now he goes to city hall to sign a formal statement on the Association applications to the March from him, and began to Powerful, and to receive on hands the act of agreeing.

The press-Secretary of the Department of regional security and combating corruption Moscow Julia Maurnikova confirmed that the application Gorsky to conduct “Russian March” in Lublin agreed. She clarified, however, that much more is the final stage of approvals.

Press Secretary of the Department stressed that “the event called “Russian March” November 4, nor, on any other day in Moscow will be”. “The Day of national unity. We do not forbid the organizers called their event as they want. But, nevertheless. there is no “Russian March”, no nationalist actions in Moscow will not” — she said.

How will sound in the end, the name of the action, which for several years was in Love called “Russian March”, is still unknown.

On the eve of the Deputy head of Department of regional security of the Moscow mayor’s office Vasily Oleinik told me that for the first time in recent years, the Department and the city government received no bids to host the “Russian March”. No applicants from the former leader of the banned Russian movement “Russian” Dmitry Demushkin, said the official.

21 Oct traditional the organizer of “Russian marches”, the leader of the nationalist Demushkin was placed under house arrest on charges of extremism. Investigators said Demushkin need to be sent to jail because he is going to organize a “Russian March”, and the participation of the nationalist action could provoke other crimes.

As said Oleinik, all applications had to be filed no later than ten days before the beginning of the action and the deadline for submitting applications has passed.

“Russian March” was considered the most significant event of the nationalists, but in recent years, the number of participants is constantly falling. In 2015 the rally in Moscow came only a few hundred people, although in past years the event steadily gained from 5 thousand to 10 thousand participants. The decline in the popularity of the “Russian March” of the experts associated with two main reasons, wrote. The first is the pressure from the security forces, the second ideological split of the nationalists in 2014 on the Ukrainian question, which has led to the fact that in that year the action “Russian March” was divided into several different areas.