Moscow commented on the reaction of the state Department to compare Aleppo to Mosul

The defense Ministry responded to the words of state Department spokesman John Kirby, who on the eve, on October 31, said that to compare the situation in Aleppo and Mosul to be “offensive” as they are “radically different”.

“The radical difference of the situation in the Syrian Aleppo and operations for the Iraqi assault on Mosul really do exist. And we are ready to specifically call them Admiral John Kirby,” reads the statement of the official representative of the Ministry of defense Igor Konashenkov received .

According to Konashenkov, “Aleppo more than two weeks is not Russian and Syrian air force”, while Mosul “exposed daily to air strikes by American bombers”. In Aleppo deployed humanitarian corridors, and in Mosul “about any humanitarian corridors, even the question, like a million city inhabited only by terrorists,” the General added. According to him, in Aleppo, working for the UN, red Crescent, and other international organizations. “In Mosul, by a strange coincidence, neither journalists nor activists or volunteers, “white” or other rainbow hues “helmets”. Anyone,” — said in a statement.

“And then John Kirby, oskorbleati, said that unlike Aleppo, the operation in Mosul is in strict compliance with International humanitarian law?” — summed up the representative of the Ministry of defense.

Kirby’s words were a response to the statement of Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. The representative of state Department noted that in Mosul, the current coalition, “consisting of about 66 Nations” who “shall act in accordance with international law, to retake it, repulsed him from the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

Prior to this, Sergei Lavrov said that the operation in Aleppo, just like in Mosul, inevitably “creates problems for the civilian population” in these cities.