The Finnish intelligence services alarmed by the Russians buying land in Finland

The citizens of Finland buy property, which can be used for the deployment of military personnel without insignia. This warning was sent to the Parliament the Finnish security Police (Supo), announced on Tuesday, November 1, the newspaper Iltahehti.

According to Supo, a suspicious transaction in the market, “which can be caused by the preparation for a possible invasion in a crisis situation”, are detected continuously. We are talking about transactions, illogical from an economic point of view and logical use of the property, the Agency notes.

The Agency adds that the acquired Russian facilities can also be used to block transport routes or concealed movement of troops.

Supo said that in Finland the number of foreign agents per capita “one of the largest in the Western world.” Also the secret service concerned about the legal status of living in Finland the Russians, having dual citizenship, since under Russian law, even having a passport of another country, these citizens are obliged to help the Russian secret services.

Iltahehti adds that earlier Finnish intelligence agencies publicly did not make such a loud statement on the situation with the purchase of plots by the Russians in Finland, especially near borders or military installations, although this issue has been discussed with the Finnish authorities and the media.

The last time Helsinki was concerned about the violation of the Russian fighters the air space of Finland. In early October, the Finnish foreign Ministry said the intention to discuss this issue with Moscow. The Russian defense Ministry, in turn, said that Russian military aircraft su-27 did not violate the airspace of Finland and made routine training flights.