The heads of the PACE and OSCE will come to Moscow to meet with Volodin

Ties with Europe

Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin to the end of the year should meet with their European colleagues, the President of the Assembly, Pedro Agramunt, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland, OSCE PA President Christine Muttonen and Chairman of the Greek Parliament Nikos Volcom.

Their visits to Russia was part of the plan of international relations of the state Duma in November-December 2016 approved by MPs on Tuesday (have). A travel plan for 2016 was prepared in the end of last year, but in connection with the change of the convocation was now actualized, said the head of the international Committee of the Duma, Leonid Slutsky.

“Some of the heads of parliaments wishes to come to us. They want to meet with the President and a new convocation”, — said the first Deputy head of the international Committee Svetlana Zhurova. According to her, it was decided that the “serious political situation, a number of senior members of Parliament and organizations can come for fun and relaxation before the new year.”

Agramunt’s visit to Moscow scheduled for November—December, Jagland on December 6, Muttonen — at the end of November, Vucica on 14-16 November.

We are talking about the reception with dinner on behalf of the Chairman of the state Duma, said the interlocutor in the international Committee.

The priority of the CIS.

Priority on working visits of the deputies was laid on the countries of the CIS and to accept delegations from other countries, but “just one-in order to see other countries and talk,” the rejected, said to journalists on Tuesday, November 1, Volodin.

Plan trips in November and December, the deputies added the visits of Russian delegations in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Armenia.

The state Duma has retained in terms of contacts with international parliamentary organizations, which seemed to deputies “exotic”, is the Latin American Parliament (PARLATINO), the Asian parliamentary Assembly (APA), said Slutsky. At the session of the PARLATINO Russian parliamentarians will travel to Panama and to the session of the APA in Cambodia.

“At the time the state Duma did not pay much attention to these sites, and today, when we are not in PACE when we have a complicated understanding on the platform of the OSCE PA, we have to work with all parliamentary institutions in the world who have an interest in constructive cooperation with the Russian Parliament, and that it is not necessary to save,” — said Slutsky.

The deputies will also go to the conference of parliamentarians of the Arctic region in Ottawa, at the meeting of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy in Athens, at the meeting of the inter-Parliamentary Union (on climate change) in Marrakech.

Not allowed to leave the speaker

The speaker will not go anywhere outside of Russia until the end of the year, to the plan. This information was confirmed by a source in the state Duma. The composition of members of Russian delegations formed closer to the travel date, then maybe the decision to participate and the speaker, said another source in the state Duma.

Predecessor Volodin in the post of Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin has been extremely active in its foreign policy, says political analyst Ekaterina Shulman. He made many efforts to support inter-parliamentary dialogue, sought the return of the voting rights of Russia in PACE, but nothing substantial ever came of it, she recalls. The international agenda has been close to him most, and the political era was appropriate, and the current Duma will have to deal with domestic economic issues, budget, taxes, and possible responses to the economic crisis.

Approved plan international travel is something that Council can afford in terms of the need the least ostentatious of the economy and the General international ill will to Russia, said the analyst. When it is necessary not to irritate the voters with unnecessary spending, and few where invited, an obvious solution is to drive less.

Visits of heads of international organizations and parliaments will be funded by the state Duma, said Slutsky. All expenses are within the budgeted for the current year funds for international cooperation of the state Duma, said Zhurova. In the 2016 budget for international cooperation of the state Duma was founded 75 million rubles.