The NYT told about the unsuccessful attempts of the FBI to find a link trump with Russia

As writes the newspaper the New York Times, citing its sources, the FBI agents most of the summer checked close Donald trump, was looking for financial ties with Russia, figured those involved in the hacking of the servers of Democrats and even checked the version about a possible secret channel of communication between the company trump’s Trump Organization with a Russian Bank. However, at the moment none of the lines of investigation found no links between trump and the Russian authorities.

In the end, the FBI and American intelligence now believe that a hacker attack on the servers of the Democrats was aimed not to help Trump to win, but on the failure of the elections, the newspaper writes.

The head of the FBI, James Comey, according to the publication, in September, speaking before Congress, denied the existence of any investigation in respect of associates trump. Also, as reported by CNBC, citing its sources, the Komi Republic, was against public accusations against Russia over hacker attacks aimed to interfere in elections, even though he agreed that the attacks were committed by “foreign States.”

As reported by the CNBC source, the FBI Director took care that the document which the US government came out with accusations against Russia over cyber-attacks, the name of FBI did not appear.

FBI officials declined to comment, reports the NYT. Intelligence officials, according to the newspaper, earlier it was told that the alleged ties of some aides of trump with Moscow initially forced them to open an extensive investigation into possible links between the Russian government and the presidential candidate of the Republicans. However, according to them, the tramp did not object to the investigation.