The presidential grants were given to the fighters with pedophiles and enemies of the state Department

At the end of October ended the third contest for the allocation of presidential grants to non-profit organizations (NPOs). The money handed out nine printoperation. All operators received 3781 application of them was granted 394. Just to support NGOs this year the President has allocated 4.5 billion rubles. studied the applications received major grants from the President.

Grants for the preservation of the identity and traditional values

A large number of major grants received Patriotic projects applications dedicated to the preservation of traditional values and institutions which intend to deal with ethnic and religious strife.

The largest project among them is the application of social movement in the North Caucasus Federal district “Union of the peoples of the Stavropol territory “For peace in the Caucasus”. The printoperation “national charity Fund” was allocated 6 million rubles for a project to develop “innovative models and technologies to engage youth in the process of achieving public safety as the most important factor in the prevention of extremism, radicalism, ethnic and religious disunity”. How the organization will develop a model, the application is not specified.

In the Crimea will be engaged in strengthening Russian identity. The project “Symbols of Russia as the basis of formation of civil identity of the inhabitants of the Crimea”, Institute “Fair world” received 5.6 million rubles “the Project aims to identify mechanisms of translation generational experience of the formation of citizenship identity in the conditions of transformation of the main state institutions of the Republic of Crimea”, — reads the description. As in the case of prevention of ethnic and religious fragmentation, the organizers of the project to identify the “mechanisms for broadcast generational experience” in the Crimea, in the application does not explain how this is going to do.

Organization “Noosphere” has received 5 million rubles for the project “unified education environment as the basis of Russian national identity.” In the meager description merely States that it “is aimed at solving strategic tasks of the state educational, linguistic and cultural policies”.

4.9 million RUB took the project on moral and Patriotic education of youth “New youth of Russia”. The authors will look for “new approaches and methods of educating the younger generation, allowing the use of accumulated historical experience of Russia, its traditions and values formed in the full format educational resource”.

Major grant with a value of 4.9 million rubles. received “Council on foreign and defense policy”, whose members include hundreds of Russian experts, journalists and government officials, including foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. A project of the Council is to conduct activities “in the interests of development of mutually enriching dialogue of cultures living in Russia ethnic groups and religions”.

The money to the believers, and to fight with the state Department

Highlights the winners of the third competition of presidential grants, which are associated with religious organizations. St. Petersburg public organization “Revival of the relics of Gromovskoe cemetery of old believers and of Russian culture” received 5,9 million rbl. the Project called “Preservation of traditional spiritual values by learning and using the heritage of old Russian Orthodox culture”, its objective is to prepare “qualified Church personnel” for religious communities of Russian Orthodox old believe Church (rpsts). Over 5.9 million rubles, the believers will hold three training workshop, the application says. It is necessary for “the preservation and transmission of spiritual traditions, harmonization of interregional relations, elimination of preconditions of religious tensions in society, explanations of historically negative cliches and stereotypes.”

“The center for Orthodox youth programs in the name of St. George” will hold a massive youth educational and cultural activities to promote harmonization of interethnic and interfaith relations for 4 million rubles.

The same was received by the organization “the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Moscow and Central region “Moscow Muftiyat”. The presidential grant will create a working group on “combating pseudo-radicalism”. She will be engaged in “the production and distribution of antiradical content” will contribute to “toxic blocking of accounts” in social networks.

Organization “Russian Association for the protection of religious freedom” received 4.5 million rubles for the project on consolidation of efforts of the largest religious organizations of Russia in upholding of traditional moral values. Received from the President the money organization, among other things, prepare a report on the observance of the rights of believers in Russia and in the world “as opposed to the biased reports of the US State Department and foreign non-governmental organizations”.

Assistance to human rights defenders and fighters with pedophiles

State aid in this time got and the oldest human rights organizations in Russia that are critical of the policies of the Kremlin. Large grant (5.5 million rubles) received the movement “For human rights” human rights activist Lev Ponomarev. The organization asked for money for its current operations “in the conditions of rather difficult economic situation,” the application of motion. The Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alexeyeva received 2 million rubles for the project “human rights agenda”. Mutual Fund Alexeyeva and Ponomarev “for the rights of prisoners” got 3 million rubles for the fight against violence and torture in prisons.

Charitable Foundation “Pokrov”, which is headed by a Commissioner for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova, has allocated 6.2 million rubles for the fight against pedophiles. Grant received a “Monitoring center to detect dangerous and prohibited by law content,” which is headed by a former aide of ex-Commissioner for children’s rights Pavel Astakhov Anna Levchenko.

The largest grant — 20 million roubles has received the support Fund of the International theatre festival named after A. P. Chekhov on the conduct of the award and festival “Golden mask”. The second largest presidential grant (12 million rubles) received the “Sports club “of the Communist party” to promote and encourage physical exercise and sports.