In the state Duma considered “unacceptable” failure to regularly increase the salaries of military

The state Duma Committee on defense did not support the government bill providing for the refusal of the state from the obligation to regularly increase the salaries of officials, military, judges and policemen ( wrote about it in October). The negative conclusion of the Committee that was appointed co-executor of work on this bill, on Tuesday, November 1, published in the parliamentary basis of legislation.

The government bill “actually proposes to abolish a legislated social guarantee providing for the annual indexation of money allowances of servicemen taking into account the level of inflation,” said in the conclusion of the Committee. While others bill the government proposes to extend the freeze of the indexation of money allowances of the military until 2018, remind the deputies.

“Given the fact that the indexation of money allowances of servicemen were not held in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, the guarantee of the protection of military pay from depreciation will be not executed for the past five years, that is actually for the duration of the Federal law “On military pay and provide them with separate payments”, — noted in its opinion, the Committee on defense.

Reminding the government about the “importance performed by members of tasks and role of this category of citizens in society and the state”, the deputies called “unacceptable” decline in the level of social protection.

The government bill offers from 2018 to change the approach to annual indexation of salaries of all civil servants — civil servants, judges, military, police, etc. In particular of the core laws proposed to eliminate the reference that the salaries for these employees shall annually be increased by the value of the inflation forecast — a decision to increase or nepovyshenie, and the size of the index is to be annually taken by the government after a balanced draft budget for the next year, the text of the bill and the explanatory notes thereto. The document was submitted to the Duma in late October, in one package with the draft budget for 2017-2019.

Responsible for project work assigned to the Committee of the Duma on the budget. It is their position in relation to the initiative have not yet expressed, to November 6, awaiting feedback from committees-co-authors.

The government intends next year to reduce defense spending for the first time since 1998. Allocations under section “national defense” in 2017 is planned in the amount of about 2.84 trillion rubles — 27% less than in 2016, or 8%, except for one-time expenses this year to repay past debts of defense companies. The Financial Times noted, citing analysts, that the new head of the state Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov, former commander of the airborne forces, may try to cancel part of cuts in military spending.