The mayor’s office explained the eviction Amnesty International

The press service of the Moscow property Department has confirmed that November 2, the city authorities changed the locks at the premises on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street, where the office of Amnesty International. In response, the Department stated that the city property with an area of 61 sq m. “is free from the contractual relationship and the presence of any third party it is illegal”.

According to employees a press-services, previously, the office was provided to lease the organization “Amnesty international limited”. The term of the agreement expired in January 2008 and was extended under the condition that one of the parties is entitled to cancel the agreement by notifying the other in three months. The Department claimed that “due to substantial violations of the conditions for the payment of rent” the tenant is asked to repay the debt within one month and warned that in case of refusal within three months, the contract was terminated.

“This claim is unfair by the tenant have been ignored. In consequence of which the Office of the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography for Moscow made an entry in the unified state register on termination of the contract. In connection with which the room was closed and sealed. For removal of the property, the organization must within two weeks to submit a formal appeal to the Department of city property of Moscow”, — informs a press-service.

The Department said that the city continuously monitors the legality and integrity of the use of their property. Only in 2016 from offenders released more than 1 thousand objects of real estate.

Director of the representative office of Amnesty International Sergei Nikitin was not available for expeditious review.

On Wednesday morning the staff of Amnesty International found sealed its office in Moscow. This was first reported in a Facebook employee Ivan Kondratenko. “The office is locked, locks are broken (and newly inserted), it says that you need to contact the Department of city property of Moscow with a letter to take things,” he wrote.

The representative of the organization Alexander Artemyev said that Amnesty takes office at the Department of state property of Moscow for the past 20 years. The source claimed that the defenders have not received any warnings or explanations and always pay the rent — the last time in October.

Earlier, the Kremlin said it had no information about the sealing of the office of the international human rights organization Amnesty International in Moscow. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said: “the first time I hear about it. I absolutely do not have any information in this regard” (quoted by “Interfax”).

Amnesty International is drawing attention to human rights violations in different countries. This February the organization, in its annual report criticized the situation with human rights in Russia. According to experts of the Amnesty, the country limited freedom of expression, Assembly and Association, and NGOs were under pressure. Human rights defenders have pointed to the problems of the LGBT movement in Russia. In addition, Amnesty was regularly criticized Russian military action in Syria, noting the bombing of the civilian population.