The media learned about the failure of terms of preparation of the regulations to “the law Spring”

Subsidiary legislation adopted in July 2016 “anti-terrorist package” Duma Deputy Irina Spring is still not ready, write “Vedomosti”. Instructions to prepare a package of documents by November 1, President Vladimir Putin gave on the day of signing this bill.

The newspaper refers to the words of the two relevant officials, who said that the documents are still not ready. Representatives of Telecom operators also said that I know nothing about these regulations.

On the official portal of legal information, the publication, also no information about the preparation of these documents no. An employee of one of the operators told the newspaper that not even conducted the design documents.

The President’s Directive was given to the government, which was supposed to execute it together with the FSB. Responsible for the execution of orders named Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

It said that regulatory legal acts should be directed “to minimize potential risks.” It was necessary to pay special attention to standards which will require significant financial resources and the modernization of equipment operators and service providers, “given the need to use domestic equipment”. Agencies were also to clarify the steps in the application of these standards.

According to market participants, in fact, these regulations should establish the time and place of storing information, and who should keep it.