The Ministry of transport explained the need to increase the tariff in the “Plato”

The transport Ministry has begun preparation of amendments to the draft government resolution providing for a phased tariff increase in the “Plato” (the system of charging heavy vehicles for travel on Federal highways), the rates of which is established now on a preferential level. The corresponding document is published on the portal of projects of normative legal acts.

“Return to the original rate required for the implementation of the planned programmes of road network development. This will allow to expand the list of regions that will receive the money for the repair and construction of roads and bridges and overpasses”, — stated in the message of Ministry of transport.

According to the Ministry of transport, first collected by the system “Platon” funds went to repair more than 1 thousand km of the most problematic roads in 25 regions and cities, as well as for co-financing of reconstruction and construction of three dozen bridges.

Initially, the rate of “Plato” was supposed to establish 3.73 rubles per kilometer, but then it was reduced to 3.06 RUB However, this amount seemed excessive to many, and the government has adopted a grace factor based on which tariff rate decreased to 1.53 Euro per 1 km. From the beginning of March 2016, the reduction factor was supposed to cancel, but in the end the maturity was extended indefinitely.

In the message of Ministry of transport emphasizes that the extension of the benefits provided to carriers additional time to adjust to the requirements of the law and allowed to avoid “speculation during system startup”. To date, the process of adaptation, according to the Ministry of transport, is completed, and the need for the extension of benefits is no more.

“The results of the first year of operation of the system “Platon” confirmed by experts that it has no significant effect on the prices delivered to 12-ton crane products, since the inclusion in the tariff for transportation fees for damage to roads changing their value is only possible for a fraction of a percent”, — stated in the message Department.

Earlier, on 2 November, the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to its sources reported that Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has written to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev a proposal that tolls trucks heavier than 12 t on Federal highways can be increased from 1.53 to 2.6 RUB RUB for 1 km in February and 3.06 rubles. for 1 km in June.

Truckers against the price hike, stresses the President of the Association “Gruzavtotrans” Mr Mutagen. According to him, it is a premature measure, until the system was not even all the trucks, in addition, not all was pay a shrink, this control is lax, fines violators send not always. If forced to pay all that to raise a tariff is not necessary, but if you raise now, the burden will fall on the good faith of the major carriers and they will factor this into prices, he said.

According to the Ministry of transport, to date, compulsory registration in the “Plato” were more than 262 thousand Russian and foreign carriers that own more than 766 thousand of heavy trucks. The representative of “RT-invest the transport system” (RTAS, the operator of the “Plato”, owned by Igor Rotenberg and Fund “RT-invest”) explained that “Plato” was more than 75% of the target audience.

In September 2016, it became known that RTAS can create additional service “smart insurance”, which would allow carriers to get discounts when placing the hull insurance or cargo insurance depending on their driving style, volume and frequency of traffic.