ISIS militants declared in Syria shot down a Russian helicopter

The militants of banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” declared that they shot down a Russian helicopter in the province of HOMS in Syria. It is reported by monitoring group SITE Intelligence Group with reference to associated with the militants Amaq news Agency.

At the same time, the defense Ministry refutes information about the death of Russian military in the shelling of a helicopter in Syria, reports TASS. The representative of the Russian centre of reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria reports that a Russian helicopter made an emergency landing in Hama province during a humanitarian aid delivery in a locality 40 km from Palmyra.

“During the inspection of the helicopter crew on the ground, the landing area was subjected to mortar fire from militants. The crew was not injured and was promptly delivered a search and rescue helicopter to the base Hamim”, — said the defense Ministry.

Terrorists have repeatedly stated that they have shot down helicopters or airplanes of the Syrian government troops and the countries participating in the international coalition. In late October, ISIS said that the insurgents shot down an American attack plane And-10 in the province of al-Hasaka. However, the Pentagon denied this information.

Russia involved in a military operation against the militants since September 2015, has also suffered the loss of personnel and military equipment. The largest one-time loss was the crash of the helicopter Mi-8 at Palmyra. On Board were five people, all of them died. The defense Ministry said that the blame for the incident lies with the terrorists.

The day before Reuters reported that the leader of the “Islamic state” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi recorded an appeal to attack Turkey and threats against the countries participating in the offensive in Mosul. In the video, according to the Agency, also were the appeals addressed to the inhabitants of the province of Nineveh, to join the ISIS. Reuters was told that the statement was the first statement of the leader of fighters for the entire year.