The government proposed to give public procurement of the Ministry of Finance

In the letter, which Abyzov wrote to first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov stated that the Ministry of Finance should fully regulate procurement of state companies In his opinion, in this case will increase the effectiveness of control, and prices will drop, newspaper reports “Vedomosti”.

The Secretariat Shuvalov confirmed the receipt of the letter from Abyzova. The Finance Ministry, the newspaper pointed out that to solve the issue would be the government.

Currently, the procurement system is supervised by the Ministry of economic development. The Deputy head of this Department Yevgeny Yelin believes that transplant officials that accompanied the transfer of authority will not be an effective way to improve contract system. However, Abyzov’m sure hitch will not.

Business procurement Ombudsman Sergey Gabestro believes that to give to the Ministry of Finance can develop a Unified information system and the overall regulation of contract to leave for the Ministry of economic development, says business procurement Ombudsman Sergey Gabestro. Focus all control in one Ministry — hardly a good idea, yet between them there is dialogue, there is an opportunity to be heard and the experts and market participants.