The government will propose to prohibit the discovery of deposits regions-debtors

Regions that have debt on budgetary credits, should be prohibited to place funds in Bank deposits. Such a proposal the chamber has made by results of check of efficiency of Bank lending of subjects of the Russian Federation in 2014-2015. A letter with a proposal to make appropriate amendments to the budget code in the next two weeks will be sent to the government, said the representative office.

The new measure accounts chamber prepared after verification of the governments of the several regions: Moscow, Samara, Saratov, Yaroslavl, and Chelyabinsk. In those subjects in 2014-2015, which significantly increased the cost of servicing Bank loans. Growth planned in 2016 (the exception would be only Yaroslavl region).

The discontent of the accounting chamber, in particular, has caused a situation in which the regions took loans from the budget (to be issued at minimum of 0.1% per annum, but will be counted as debt) if you have your own funds on Deposit. So, Samara oblast in may 2015 took 1 billion rubles from the Federal center to cover the deficit, although at the expense of the regional budget were not less than RUB 7 billion and 1.8 billion rubles were placed on deposits in banks.

The chamber has identified other ways inefficient, in her opinion, the use of credit not only of the Federal budget and banks. In some cases, the regions took loans from banks “unreasonable and untimely”, despite the fact that they had money that was placed either on the personal accounts of the budget, or in Bank deposits, according to the materials of the accounting chamber.

A similar situation exists, for example, in the Samara region in the summer of 2014, when the regional government took the loan from Sberbank for RUB 4 billion, while on their personal account lay RUB 4.3 billion (but not less than RUB 5 billion was placed on Deposit). In December of the same year the Moscow region has attracted banks 40 billion rubles., although she, too, was the means, according to the materials of the accounting chamber.

In some cases, regions have borrowed from banks shortly before the receipt of budgetary credits, and funds from the Federal government subsequently sent on loan repayment to banks. Sometimes, continued the representative of the Department, available funds, the regions were placed on Deposit, taking a loan at a higher rate. In addition, there have been cases when the authorities of the subjects prematurely extinguished Bank loans, but took new ones at a higher rate.

The chamber proposes to deal with the inefficient, in her opinion, the financial policy of regions with changes in Budget code: on the recommendation of the auditors, the regions should be deprived of the opportunity to place budget funds on deposits, if they have debts to the Russian authorities. It also proposes to require the regions that borrowing, to specify a list of debt obligations, the planned repayment of funds provided.

The proposal of the accounting chamber would be true if the budget loans issued for a period of six months, but now they can be issued for five years, says the Director of the Center for regional reform studies, Ranepa, Alexander Deryugin. In a year or two after receiving the loan situation in the region may change, the authorities appear available funds, and there is nothing unusual in the fact that they place them on the deposits, he says. If the region to prohibit the placing temporarily available funds, it will lead to inefficient use of funds, warns the expert.

The Ministry of Finance could assess the financial condition of regions and require to repay loans if they have spare money but for this we need to develop a special technique points Deryugin. In addition, many taxes are paid unevenly, so the regions can be money, but after a month they will not, adds Deryugin. “And that, during this month, they will not be able to place funds on Deposit?” — asks he.

Director of the savings Bank on work with actors Michael Cachin calls the proposal of the accounting chamber “good and right”. In his opinion, in Russia there is a favorable situation for the use of budgetary credits for other purposes and this measure will help to remedy the situation.

The amount of budget credits in the next three years and so drastically reduced: if in 2016, the regions will have 338 billion rubles of loans from the Federal government, then the next three-year budget period, the volume of these loans will amount to 250 billion rubles (RUB 100 billion in 2017-2018 and 50 billion rubles in 2019). However, in 2017 the government will extend 100 billion rubles. the amount of unpaid subsidies to the regions (to 614,6 bn) and leave it at that level in 2018 and 2019. The Finance Ministry believes that such a maneuver will help to restrain the growth of debts of regions.