The media learned about the possible access of foreign intelligence services to Clinton

The Federal Bureau of investigation, the U.S. 99% sure that up to five of the intelligence services of foreign States could have access to the emails of Hillary Clinton that she sent with personal servers when he was Secretary of state. About it reports on Thursday, the FoxNews channel, citing sources close to the investigation.

The channel leads the Chairman of the Committee on national security, house of representatives, U.S. Congress Michael McCall, about new information concerning possible foreign intelligence services access to the server Clinton. He said that it can be regarded as “treason”.

“She gave [information] to our enemies,’ said McCall. — Our opponents have this very important information <…> In my opinion, frankly, it’s treason.”

McCall also said that FBI Director James Comey had previously told him that a foreign state may have had access to the server Clinton. In public statements, the Komi Republic, commenting on the scandal with correspondence of Clinton in July, said that evidence that agents of foreign intelligence services had hacked the server, no, but the opportunity he made notes FoxNwes.

Clinton herself later explained that the head of the FBI “just thinking”.

Channel sources emphasize that Komi back then would say that he is “pretty sure” that some foreign intelligence services have hacked the server.

At the end of October it became known that the FBI resumes the investigation against Clinton in connection with the illegal use of her personal Inbox for official correspondence. Earlier it became known that the FBI has discovered about 1000 new letters Clinton in the investigation against former Congressman from new York from the Democratic party, Anthony Weiner. Former Secretary of state, in turn, urged the FBI to publish new data that may be relevant to the matter of her personal correspondence.

In July, Komi Republic announced the completion of the investigation concerning the official correspondence of Clinton personal server. After that, he was subjected to sharp criticism from a Republican candidate Donald trump, who accused the Director of the FBI that he did supporting Clinton.