Go home: in Moscow held a small rally of nationalists

Friday, November 4 in Moscow held a 12-second account of “Russian March” is a traditional action of nationalists in unity Day. Although the government this year insisted that the event not be called “Russian March” is just one of the events on 4 November, said the mayor, at the last moment according the application for the March and rally.

From metro Lyublino to the point of collection on the street Pererva to go nearly two miles, but getting lost is almost impossible where there will be a March, you can easily understand the numerous groups of young people in tracksuits who go in a certain direction. These youth groups were sometimes accompanied by police in riot gear.

On the nearby metro stations and in the courts on duty reinforced police officers. When participants were carefully watched — checked the contents of the pockets and backpacks.

Before the action in Lublin the organizing Committee of “Russian March” was faced with serious organisational problems. On 21 October, the court sent the longtime promoter of the nationalist Dmitry Demushkin under house arrest for breach of bail. Under arrest Dyomushkin is from October of this year criminal case on extremism. Himself a nationalist during a meeting of the court to change his measure of restraint linked the arrest with the preparation of the March. The organizers only at eight in the morning on Thursday received the supporting documents.

City officials told the organizer of the March Yuri Gorsky, strictly recommended not to call the March the “Russian March” and to refuse banners in support of the former organizers of the event, Demushkin and Alexander Belov-Potkin, who this summer was convicted of extremism and the legalization of funds BTA Bank to 7.5 years in prison.

The procession started on the street Pererva a little late, after 13:00. The participants, who were divided into 5 columns had to pass by the metro station “Bratislava” to the monument to the Soldier of the Fatherland in Marino. In the vanguard of the March was driving the ambulance, immediately behind them were the standard-bearers with the image of Christ.

The Ukrainian question

On the way the participants shouted the traditional slogan: “Russia — Russian power!” “Russian March through the Kremlin!”, “Russia for the Russian. Moscow for Muscovites!”. Unlike stocks in recent years this time the subject of Ukraine and conflict in the South-East of the country almost did not come up, although before the beginning of the rally one of the participants was detained by police for trying to smuggle the Ukrainian flag. nationalists began to shout chants on the Ukrainian question, prepared banners and posters, which in the past two years on the “Russian March” was enough.

After the outbreak of hostilities in the South-East of Ukraine before the consolidated group of nationalists from among the permanent participants of “Russian March” were divided: in 2014, the beginning of the March was columns of banners in support of the militia, and then, shouting “Glory to Kievan Rus!”. In the end, the composition of the protesters have thinned considerably — instead of the usual 15-20 thousand demonstrators in the following year came only a few thousand people, and those who disagree with Pro-Ukrainian sympathies have organized their own events.

This year the event came about as many participants that in the past — about a thousand people on the basis of counting the demonstrators in each column. According to the organizers, gathered 1035 people in the Metropolitan Directorate of the interior Ministry in Moscow said that was only 350 people.

Behind the main column was a smaller group: the National socialist revolutionary movement “Black sun”, the Autonomous nationalists of the “Black block” and members of the Committee”the Nation and freedom”. The procession was closed by a small convoy with flags of Slavic countries and a group of 300 police officers.

On either side of the carriageway of the column of nationalists was cordoned off by rows of police and vigilantes standing over an iron framework.

After the procession part of the nationalists stayed at the rally near the monument to the Soldier of the Fatherland. Speaking from the scene, the organizer of the March Yuri Gorsky urged those present to be considered November 4, the professional holiday — Day of Russian nationalist.

Other promotions

Friday passed and other right-wing events, where all the same abused power. Near the metro station “Suvorovskaya square” under the slogan “I am Russian and not Russian” was the stock movement of the national Democrats.

From the metro station “October field” to the next station “Schukinskaya” took place already traditional “March of the Russian people.” It was organized by an unregistered party “Great Russia” under the chairmanship of the doctor of political Sciences Andrei Saveliev. Came 1.5 thousand people, said Savelyev (police their data were not given). In past years, the action in the area of “the October field” and “Shchukinskaya” supported eks-the Minister of defence of the Donetsk national Republic Igor Strelkov-Girkin.