Ministry proposed to revoke the citizenship fighting for the terrorists

The Minister of internal Affairs of Germany Thomas de maizière took the initiative to legislate a rule that will allow to revoke the citizenship of those who are citizens of two or more countries and fight on the side of terrorist organizations abroad, writes Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung with reference to the received data.

The publication explains that, according to the German basic law, the German citizen can be deprived of citizenship only if it has citizenship of other countries. Otherwise, deprivation of nationality is impossible.

To date, the authorities could only withdraw the passport to prevent departure of the citizen, intending to join a terrorist organization. However, such a person remained a citizen of Germany.

As noted by the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, such a rule, even if it is approved by law, will affect a small number of German citizens. According to the publication, in Syria and Iraq on the side of the terrorists fighting 870 citizens of this country, and have dual citizenship, according to estimates of criminal police of Germany, the “minor three-digit number”.

Initiative de maizière has been criticized in the Social democratic party of Germany. In particular, the MP Eva Hehl said that the proposal “is contrary to the current principle of withdrawal of passport”. In addition, she said, the criminals “should be punished in Germany.”