Obama year extended sanctions against Iran

US President Barack Obama for a year extended the sanctions against Iran, says the document published on the White house website.

We are talking about the package of measures introduced on 14 November 1979. The decree about introduction of sanctions was signed in connection with the “special and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy and economy of the United States, created the situation in Iran”.

According to Obama, Washington’s relations with Tehran “is not normalized”, and the process of implementation of the agreements reached in January 1981, is still ongoing.

In 1979 Iran’s Islamic revolution, after which more than 50 American diplomats getting captured. After the U.S. froze all Iranian assets and gold reserves in their banks. Two years later, in January 1981, the leaders of the United States and Iran signed the Algiers agreement. It is expected that Washington will lift sanctions against Iran and will not intervene in the Affairs of the state.

These restrictions are not included in the list of measures that were cancelled by Obama in October 2015. A document signed by the President of the United States, not impose a specific date for the lifting of sanctions. In January of this year, the United States and the EU lifted some sanctions against Iran in response to the IAEA report on limiting its nuclear program. However, in remedial, leaving 200 people and companies associated with this country.

However, in March, Obama extended the sanctions for a year in response to the holding of Tehran’s testing of ballistic missiles. In the US considered such action a threat “to national security, foreign policy and economy”. Tehran claimed that tests were carried out to demonstrate the “military power” and not linked to the nuclear program.

At the same time, the U.S. lifts some sanctions against Iran. For example, in early October, the authorities made it easier for foreign companies doing business. The United States was allowed to carry out dollar transactions with Iran through an offshore banking system, provided that they are not associated with the financial system of the country.