Reuters found out about the discovery of the fake FBI documents against Clinton

The FBI and American intelligence services are looking into forged documents aimed at discrediting the election campaign of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton. About it reports Reuters, citing sources familiar with the situation.

An FBI spokesman in an interview with the Agency confirmed that the Department “received a complaint about the alleged fake letter” associated with the elections. However, the officer refused to comment further.

The American intelligence officers in a personal conversation said that the hacking of systems, the PDM can stand supported by the Russian government hackers that use such measures to undermine the confidence of U.S. presidential elections. “This may include the publication of a false evidence of fraud with votes or other misinformation,” according to us officials, the Agency.

Reuters notes that the inspection is conducted as part of an investigation regarding possible involvement of Russia in the course of the electoral race in the United States. The Agency reports that the FBI was able to start this business after was a found document democratic Senator Tom Karper of the Senate Committee of homeland security. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, this letter is actually a forgery, on behalf of the Karper in the address, Clinton says: “We will not allow you to lose these elections.” Press Secretary of the Senator declined to comment.

However, sources said that this letter is one of several documents that were submitted to the FBI and the U.S. justice Department for consideration in the last few weeks. In particular, the Agency examined the seven-page electronic document with logos of the organization a survey Benenson Strategy Group and family Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Foundation.

In the document, which is the headquarters of the Clinton acknowledged forgery, said that the ratings of the candidate from Democrats has fallen sharply and to “make serious changes to the Nov, including the staging of riots of the civilian population”. “As the letter of the Karper, it is unclear where the fake document appeared and how it was put into circulation”, — said Reuters.

The Agency reports that on October 20 the document in his Twitter retweeted former assistant to the candidate in US presidents from Republican party Roger stone. Benenson Strategy Group has not commented on this information, the representative of the Clinton Foundation called the document “fake”.

In July there was a series cibertec on the servers of the Democratic party of the United States. Then in early October, Washington officially accused the Russian authorities of hacking attacks on the party. According to the Administration of the President of the United States, the aim of the attacks was “interference in the election process in the United States.” Clinton also stated that the servers of the Democratic party hacked by Russian special services.

However, Moscow denies any involvement in hacking attacks. In September, Bloomberg Russian President Vladimir Putin said that cybercriminals often disguise “their activities with the activities of any other kind of hackers from other areas, from other countries.”