Vice-speaker of the Duma urged to stop the joke of patriotism in social networks

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy proposed to stop attempts to ridicule on the Internet Patriotic values, stressing that patriotism and the memory of the heroism of the people – are not Internet memes, and not a reason for sarcasm.

The MP drew attention to the fact that in recent times the Internet has become fashionable to sneer at Patriotic values. He also cited the example of invented for this terminology: “krymnashisty”, “jackets”, “Colorado”, “pravoslavnutye”.

“The authors midst a Facebook posts pour out tons of bile to mock the traditional values of the Russian people: faith, Christianity, family, spirituality,” — said Tolstoy (quoted by TASS). He stressed that these are the basic components of our national consciousness and the state of the device.

Tolstoy recalled that over the centuries Russia has repeatedly tried to ruin, to undermine from within by discrediting the faith, spirituality, family values, love of country. “Tried, but failed, and I’m sure that will come. Therefore, such attempts should stop. Sometimes to stop hard”, he said.

The Deputy admitted that the phrase “this country will not win”, as a meme he likes. “By the way, the phrase about the fact that “this country will not win”, too, in his time became a meme. Here’s a meme I like. Our country really can’t win, and we should be proud of her!” – he concluded.