Medvedev said relations between Russia and the USA have fallen “below a plinth”

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that relations between the United States and Russia fell below the plinth. The head of government said in an interview with the Second channel of Israel. Full text of the interview published on the website of the Russian government.

The Prime Minister said that Russian-American relations are now “prohibitively low point”. “Frankly, when we started the contacts with the current administration, with President-elect Obama, I could not imagine that they will reach such an unprecedented low point,” admitted Medvedev, noting that at the time were “quite good periods in the relationship” with the United States.

As an example, he cited the Treaty on the limitation of strategic offensive arms, as well as the settlement of the situation around Iran. “But unfortunately, because of what happened in Ukraine, thanks to the efforts of the Obama administration these relations are dropped, that is, below the plinth, they have become quite low. And it’s not our fault and not our choice”, – said Medvedev.

Talking about Russian-U.S. relations came after a question about whether Moscow is trying to help Donald Trump win the US elections. To this, Medvedev said that “to affect the outcome of the American elections it is impossible, because their outcome is determined by the people of the United States of America.”

He added that Russia is ready to establish relations with the U.S. regardless of who becomes the next American President. “Any President, whatever the name of the future President of the United States Clinton, or trump. But we are ready, we also talked about this many times, to establish normal productive relations with any President of the United States. We are interested in it,” – said Medvedev.