Turkey during the day, struck 71 strike on ISIS positions in Syria

The Turkish military bombed 71 ISIS positions in Syria over the past 24 hours, Reuters reports with reference to the General staff of the country.

During the operation was destroyed five militants of the “Islamic state” (ISIL, declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia) and killed five Ankara supported the rebels and one soldier. In the statement, which leads Reuters, said that coalition forces fired five air strikes, killing eight militants.

On the morning of Friday, November 4, in the Central district of Diyarbakir in Southeast Turkey exploded a car bomb. In the result, eight people died and over 100 were injured. The city authorities were accused of attacking members of the PKK, a recognized terrorist in the country. However, the responsibility for the attack claimed by ISIS.

Turkey is already more than two months carrying out a military operation “shield of the Euphrates” against the “Islamic state” in Northern Syria. It involved artillery, tanks and special forces. In early September opened a new front in Syria, which lies about 25 km West of the site of the initial operation. After the operation, Ankara has repeatedly stated about the losses of terrorists.

In early October the Turkish Parliament for a year extended the mandate of the armed forces to conduct operations in the neighboring country. In addition, the defense Minister of Turkey Fikri Ishik said that on the borders of the two States will build a wall with a length of 911 km, and he predicted that this could happen in the spring of 2017.