In the US, explained Russia’s desire to influence the election in the West

Interlocutors of WSJ among Washington officials believe that Russia will try to influence the elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany, which will take place next year. In their opinion, even if Russia-friendly party will not succeed, the constant interference in elections in the West “will facilitate the long-term goal of the Kremlin is to bring confusion into the ranks of the opponents of Vladimir Putin before the presidential conclusions of 2018.

The newspaper reminds that the US and the EU criticized the Russian President in connection with previous elections. “Mr. Putin hopes to secure from similar criticism by creating chaos in the elections in the US and Europe. In this case, Western leaders are too busy with household problems, to criticize elections in Russia”, – said the interlocutor of the newspaper.

“If the West would criticize the presidential elections in Russia, then Moscow will respond: you are not better,” said an official from the White house, stating that the U.S. and European countries must seriously approach the strategy of Russia.

While Tom Graham, who under President George W. Bush was an adviser on Russia, I am sure that the emergence of incriminating e-mails will appear after the US elections. He explained this by the fact that the main task of the Kremlin is to discredit any of the candidates, and the whole of American politics.

Moscow has repeatedly denied involvement in the attacks on Hillary Clinton by using information stolen by hackers.