The defense Ministry responded to U.S. criticism of Russia’s actions in Aleppo

The Ministry of defence responded to the criticism of the State Department about the action “humanitarian pause” in Aleppo.

The representative of the American foreign policy Department John Kirby during a briefing on 4 November said that “the Syrian people, especially the residents of Aleppo, of course, do not feel any benefits from it.” He drew attention, about the effect of the pauses needs to tell the Russian side.

According to the official representative of the Ministry of defense Igor Konashenkov, Moscow and Washington have different understandings of what humanitarian aid to Aleppo. He said that Russia is shipping food and medicine. According to Konashenkov, the US is considering a “humanitarian pause” to deliver in the Eastern part of the city “columns of trucks […] accompanied by mortars large caliber” (hereinafter quoted by TASS).

Speaking about the effect of the “humanitarian pause”, Konashenkov said that Russia in recent months has taken to Aleppo by more than 100 tons of food, medicines and basic necessities. “The state Department during this time are not delivered to the Syrians, which are supposedly baked, no bread crumbs,” — said the official representative of the Russian military.

Konashenkov stated once again that Russia has not received from the United States “no maps, no coordinates or other information” about any terrorist organization in Syria.